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The techUK podcast launched in 2018 and explores the key tech issues of the day, focusing on the positive outcomes digital technology can achieve. Our podcasts have featured a diverse range of guests including techUK members and stakeholders, MPs, thought leaders and academics. The techUK podcast is available across a range of popular podcast platforms, including Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Acast and TuneIn.

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Latest podcast

The role of SMEs in developing regional digital economies

techUK’s Head of SME Engagement Ed Bevan and Head of Nations and Regions Matt Robinson talk with October’s SME Member’s of the Week to discuss the findings of the Local Digital Capital Index and how SMEs are integral to the development of regional digital economies. The episode features Edward Cole from Katlas Technology, Daniel Lewis from Awen Collective, and Simon Hall from Coeus Software, all SMEs who have made significant impact in their local economies and highlight the role SMEs have in strengthening local digital ecosystems.

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