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Future of work

The future of work is emerging now. Technology is powering a growth in flexible work across the economy, whilst emerging technologies such as robotics and AI are set to become common place. For this to play out positively and to combat the potential displacement of jobs, techUK believes that we need to act now to equip people and businesses with the skills and conditions they need to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the 4IR and digital transformation in the world of work.

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Preparing the UK for the future of work

techUK has set out five key recommendations for government to prepare the UK for the future of work and provide businesses and individuals with the skills and conditions they need to thrive in the digital economy.

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techUK is excited to launch the Exploring the Future of Work Series, a programme of events and networking sessions exploring what we consider to be some of the biggest future of work questions facing us today. 

Right now, tech businesses are facing ever growing digital skills shortages and talent concerns. As new technologies continue to become more widely adopted, the nature of work will change, and whole new industries and roles will be created. How we enable companies to take advantage of these opportunities and prepare workforces to adapt to these changes are critical policy discussions.

The pandemic has shifted employee expectations around work-life balance and wellbeing, and hastened the adoption of digital technologies as businesses adapt to remain competitive and attract the talent they need. Many tech companies have already adopted hybrid working models, the gig economy and flexible forms of work are growing as an alternative to traditional employment models, and technologies such as AI, data analytics and cloud computing are being increasingly adopted by businesses and other organisations to improve workplace productivity.

The future of work is emerging now, but the benefits of workplace innovation can only be fully realised if businesses and individuals across all sections of the UK economy and society are empowered with the skills and conditions to thrive in the technology-enabled future of work.

techUK understands that these are not questions that should be answered in a vacuum and we will be joined by speakers from across industry, government, labour organisations and civil society to discuss what the UK's vision for the future of work should look like and what steps must be taken to deliver it.

You can find the upcoming programme of our events below. Keep your eyes peeled for more events as they are announced and join the conversation by using the hashtag #WorkplaceInnovation across social media!

Upcoming events in the series

The rise of the gig economy | 19 October 2022

This panel session will explore the rise of the gig economy and its implications for the future workforce, how gig economy employers are supporting workers, and what steps the UK can take to drive standards across the gig economy and foster innovation.

How is cloud powering the future of work? | 10 November 2022

This panel session will not only look at cloud skills for industries of today and tomorrow, but also how cloud is enabling automation and data-driven decision-making, and the changing structure of workforces as a result of digital transformation in organisations.

People, data and employee analytics in the future workplace | 21 November 2022

This podcast will explore the role that data and people analytics can play in the future workplace. Our guests will discuss the opportunities and challenges of people analytics, implications for the future of HR, and how businesses can ensure the responsible use of employee information.

More details and further sessions will be announced over the coming weeks and months, please check back for more information.

Get involved in the Exploring the Future of Work series!

Are you interested in our future of work activity? Why not reach out and discover opportunities to get involved? Get in touch with the team to find out more.

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Preparing for change: How tech parents view education and the future of work

techUK surveyed parents working in tech to find out what they thought the future of work held for their children and how well our education system was preparing them for the jobs and labour market of tomorrow. Tech parents are confident that their children will have good opportunities for interesting and rewarding work as the economy becomes ever more digital, but they are also very clear that having the right skills will be key. Education policy and lifelong learning provision needs to meet the needs of a fast-moving, fast-changing labour market that ensures opportunities for all.

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UCL Disruptive Voices podcast - AI and the Future of Work

UCL · Disruptive Voices - AI and the Future of Work

In this series from UCL, guests share their innovative solutions and ideas for addressing societal challenges, discussing topics from a cross-disciplinary perspective and inspiring and encouraging us to think differently about issues of local, national, and global concern.

This podcast features Professor Rose Luckin, UCL Institute of Education and Nimmi Patel, Policy Manager - Skills, Talent & Diversity at techUK discussing what AI developments could mean for the future of work in the UK and globally, and how we need to redefine our understanding of good work to harness AI’s potential for positive change. Presented by Dr James Paskins.

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Local Public Services

techUK's Local Public Services Programme provides the forum for local public services to engage with industry to better understand the innovations out there, horizon-scan how the technologies of today and tomorrow can re-imagine local public services and solve some of the most pressing challenges our communities and places face. It also helps connect suppliers with each other, identify new business partnerships to help grow an ever thriving local government ecosystem.

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