The techUK podcast - Data Centre Security: Podcast with Genetec

In this podcast, Emma Fryer talks to Nick Smith from Genetec about data centre security.

They discuss the kind of security challenges that are presented by market developments like merger and acquisition, and by the recent uplift in customer demand for cloud and data centre services due to the pandemic. They explore the interface between physical and cyber security and the principle of good cyber hygiene and consider how to address insider threat.  They review relevant standards and how they should be applied and also outline the kind of questions that customers should ask their data centre providers – and those that data centre operators should ask their own security service providers. Finally they review some recent policy developments relating to data centre security and the possibility of a change in critical status for the industry. 

Please note that the CPNI data centre security guidance mentioned in this podcast as imminent is now available here:

You can also find Genetec’s white paper here: Data Centre Security, Fighting on Two Fronts

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