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International trade

Getting digital trade right will be essential for UK's economic recovery and resilience. The global e-commerce market is worth 27.7 trillion USD. The technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution are turning existing forms of trade on their head & opening up new opportunities for UK tech businesses. We advocate for ambitious digital trade chapters in UK's trade agreements, that build on and go beyond newly established principles of digital trade, including those in the CPTPP, USMCA, DEPA & DEA.

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A blueprint for UK Digital Trade - a techUK report

techUK's new report outlines the key policy areas where the UK can lead in the field of digital trade internationally. With recent research showing the UK has benefited thanks to the rise of digital trade with over 67% of service exports worth £190.3 billion being digitally delivered, the report, which follows a previous version published in January 2020, sets out the key areas where advanced digital trade policy and UK leadership will be needed in order to continue this trend and aid the UK economy as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Trade forums

techUK has a number of country-specific forums that bring members together to discuss issues and events that may impact their growth within that locality and between the two nations.

UK-India Tech Forum

The forum brings members together to discuss issues and events that may impact their growth in the UK and India and provides an avenue for collective concerns to be aired and discussed with the government as well as for participants to explore emerging opportunities for growth and expanding their business networks.

UK-China Tech Forum

The forum allows members to engage with key stakeholders in government and business in areas of UK-China tech trade, policy and market growth, and expand their business networks via topical engagements throughout the year.

UK-Japan Tech Forum

Following the CEPA conclusion, the forum aims to support businesses in taking full advantage of the new trade partnership between UK and Japan, explores collaboration opportunities on emerging tech and helps members growth business in both markets.

UK-APAC Tech Forum

Focused on Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and the ASEAN countries, the forum provides engagement opportunities with key stakeholders in government and business to drive new digital economy partnerships, address barriers to digital market access and expand commercial networks in the region.


DIT Launches 11 New Trade Advisory Groups

techUK's Deputy CEO, Antony Walker, joins Tech and Telecoms Trade Advisory Group. 11 new trade advisory groups, covering a range of key sectors, established to provide knowledge and experience and inform UK negotiating position.

Department for International Trade Launches Future Tech Trade Strategy

The new measures to boost digital trade have been announced today by the International Trade Secretary as a response to industry calls for support for UK tech firms.

Oral evidence to House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union

techUK provided evidence to the Lords International Agreements Sub-Committee on UK-US trade negotiations. The Committee wrote to the Secretary of State about issues raised in evidence.



Latest News

UK applies to join huge Pacific free trade area CPTPP

The UK is formally applying to join one of the world’s largest free-trade areas, deepening trade ties with some of the fastest-growing markets in the world

UK secures key services agreement with Switzerland

The UK and Switzerland have secured a far-reaching agreement on services that maintains high quality access for UK service suppliers to the Swiss market. The agreement delivers on the key asks that techUK members called for ahead of the negotiations. It ensures continuity in existing business arrangements and provides a strong basis for what we hope will be an equally ambitious future FTA.

UK strikes Singapore and Vietnam trade deals, start of new era of trade with Asia

techUK welcomes the ambition to sign a Digital Economy Agreement (DEA) with Singapore. This will not only deepen digital trade with Singapore but will also help to strengthen digital trade across the region. This is a great opportunity for the UK and Singapore to join forces in defining a gold standard agreement in digital trade.

UK’s ‘historic’ trade deal with Japan promises advantages to tech industry, says techUK

techUK was among the organisations that have welcome the ‘historic’ trade deal between the UK and Japan that is expected to boost trade by £15bn a year


Chatham House Global Trade 2020

Sabina Ciofu, techUK spoke at the Global Trade Conference which brought together leading stakeholders to discuss key developments in global trade and how to create a truly effective and sustainable system(s) of global governance. With keynote address given by the UK Secretary of State for international trade The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP.

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Digital Trade and Services Trade - are they increasingly the same?

Webinar as a part of the Geneva Trade Week with Sally Jones, Trade Strategy Partner, Ernst & Young, Sabina Ciofu, Head of EU and Trade Policy, techUK, Jane Drake-Brockman, Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide & Rebecca Fisher-Lamb, HM Deputy Trade Commissioner for Africa, UK Department for International Trade.

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2021 achievements and 2022 objectives

Explore our Policy and Public Affairs programme's achievements and objectives here.




The working groups provide business intelligence, networking and event opportunities. Get involved if you are a techUK member.

Trade Working Group

The techUK Trade Working Group provides strategic direction for all techUK activities related to international trade and supports techUK members in driving UK’s digital trade policy, and developing positions and raising issues on the ongoing and upcoming bilateral trade negotiations. The group also creates an avenue for discussions around the WTO e-commerce negotiations and UK’s accession to the CPTPP, and for fostering techUK leadership in global settings such as WTO, OECD, UNCTAD, G7, G20.

Trade and Customs Compliance Group

The Trade and Customs Compliance Group (formerly JETSECC & ITAC) is the policy work forum on export controls, dual-use, defence exports, customs and the rules around international trade.

Get involved

All techUK's work is led by our members - keep in touch or get involved by joining one of the programmes below.

International Policy and Trade

techUK’s International Policy and Trade Programme works with stakeholders across the UK Government as well as with our partners around the globe on representing the tech sector in trade-related matters and seeks to expand opportunities for business growth. Our programme helps businesses access export opportunities in key strategic markets and works with the industry to shape the government’s agenda on trade.

Policy and Public Affairs

techUK's policy and public affairs function makes the case to government and policymakers across Westminster, Whitehall, Brussels and the devolved nations on the most pressing issues facing businesses and the tech sector.

Market Access

The techUK Market Access Programme helps members understand, shape, and comply with the increasingly complex array of regulations and laws that underpin international trade. We work with government officials and legal experts to help members understand and shape policy around standards, technical regulations, sanctions, trade policy and export controls, subjects tech firms need to be on top of to trade internationally.