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techUK is central to the UK’s innovation ecosystem. We bring members, industry stakeholders, and UK Government together to champion emerging technologies as an integral part of the UK economy. We help to create an environment where innovation can flourish, helping our members to build relationships, showcase their technology, and grow their business.

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Supercharging UK Tech and Innovation

The opportunities of innovation are endless. Automation, IoT, AI, Edge, Quantum, Drones and High Performance Computing all have the power to transform the UK.

techUK members lead the development of these technologies. Together we are working with Government and other stakeholders to address tech innovation priorities and build an innovation ecosystem that will benefit people, society, economy and the planet - and supercharge the UK as a global leader in tech and innovation.


The three ingredients of innovation:

Enable Innovation

Emerging technologies are the catalyst for innovation. techUK represents 950 tech firms at the heart of technological innovation. Our unique position in the industry means we are able to convene technology leaders and public, private and third sector stakeholders to discuss what the UK tech sector needs to be able to innovate and thrive.

Accelerate Innovation

For innovation to flourish we need the right foundations. techUK works with our members, regulators and politicians to shape proactive policy recommendations that will help the UK in becoming a science and tech superpower. This includes skills policy, R&D reform, regional investment, data access and public infrastructure investment.

Apply Innovation

Embracing and unlocking new and future technologies can enhance the UK economy. techUK provides our members with the inside track on how future technologies such as Automation, IoT, Edge, Quantum and Biotechnology can disrupt, enrich and transform entire industries in the UK.


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How the UK can become a science and tech superpower

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World Quantum Day 2023

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Technologies in the spotlight


Future of compute

techUK works with our members to explore how we can develop our compute ecosystem and leverage this crucial group of technologies to support the UK’s ambitions as a science and technology superpower.



Quantum has been identified as a key emerging and transformative technology that will have an impact on the UK's long term digital and economic future. In the coming years, Quantum will have the potential to enable smart cities, revolutionise healthcare systems and drive innovation in key industries. To prepare for this future techUK believes now is the time to bring the wider technology sector into the discussion about the UK's quantum future and how we plan for success.


Edge computing

Edge computing, while not new, is fast becoming seen as a key technology and an enabler of widescale innovation. The benefits of edge computing are two-fold: accelerating innovation in key industries, and accelerating adoption on complementing emerging technologies. techUK helps identify, explore and make the case for greater use of Edge computing solutions as part of the UK’s digital transformation journey.


Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation has the capacity to revolutionise business services across a variety of industries through driving optimisation, enhancing digitisation and building resilience. Since the pandemic, businesses from across different sectors can look to automation to build resilience and drive continuity, and in turn push forward a new, technology-focused future of work that will drastically change the UK's workforce and economy.


Geospatial data

The UK’s geospatial data ecosystem has a remarkable opportunity to become a world leader and bring over £11 billion to the UK’s economy in the next five years. However, this will only be achieved if the UK can successfully drive forward a world-leading geospatial ecosystem. Getting this right will not only increase research into the opportunities of geospatial data, but enhance the development and commercialisation of cutting-edge, innovative geospatial data products, services and technologies.

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Once the preserve of thought experiments in philosophy textbooks and blockbuster dystopias like The Matrix and Ready Player One, the concept of a metaverse – a virtual world in which we experience the life of our digital twin – may soon be a reality for UK businesses and consumers.



techUK provides an united and recognised voice for the industry by representing the interests of techUK members in distribute ledger technology (DLT) industry forums, standards bodies, platform operators and with other stakeholders. We position DLT as an emerging enterprise solution to establish trust for value and information exchanges. techUK considers actions taken to industrialise, support technology readiness, help organisations with adoption and consider use cases across sectors.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence offers growing opportunities and benefits for both the UK economy and society, from revolutionising business productivity to transforming people’s lives. To ensure the UK remains a world-leader in AI, techUK aims to maximise the value and adoption of the technology, whilst mitigating the risks and barriers. We work closely with key government departments and regulators to enable the benefits of AI to be felt across the UK.

Innovation reports

REPORT: Quantum commercialisation - Positioning the UK for success

Quantum technologies will have a profound impact in the UK as we position ourselves as a science and technology leader. Read our report on how UK Government can work with the UK tech sector to ensure the UK remains a quantum world leader.

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REPORT: Industry Perspective on Intelligent Automation in Central Government

The Tech and Innovation Programme joined forces with the Central Government Programme to launch the 'Industry Perspective on Intelligent Automation in Central Government'.

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Get involved

All techUK's work is led by our members - get involved by joining our Innovation Policy group:

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Innovation Policy Group

techUK’s Innovation Policy Group brings together members with expertise in the development and deployment of new technologies, with public policy professionals and key stakeholders. Its aim is to identify and develop coherent and relevant innovation policy asks that ensures the UK remains a competitive leader in tech innovation, R&D and the commercialisation of future technologies that are set to have transformative effects across the UK’s economy and society.


For more information please contact: 

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

Head of Technology and Innovation, techUK

Laura is techUK’s Head of Programme for Technology and Innovation.

She supports the application and expansion of emerging technologies, including Quantum Computing, High-Performance Computing, AR/VR/XR and Edge technologies, across the UK. As part of this, she works alongside techUK members and UK Government to champion long-term and sustainable innovation policy that will ensure the UK is a pioneer in science and technology

Before joining techUK, Laura worked internationally as a conference researcher and producer covering enterprise adoption of emerging technologies. This included being part of the strategic team at London Tech Week.

Laura has a degree in History (BA Hons) from Durham University, focussing on regional social history. Outside of work she loves reading, travelling and supporting rugby team St. Helens, where she is from.

[email protected]

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techUK Annual Dinner | 5 July | Book now!




The techUK Annual Dinner is the established, must-attend business dinner in our calendar. It brings together all the key figures in the tech industry, government and significant stakeholders for an enjoyable and influential evening.

The evening begins with a drinks reception, followed by a fabulous dinner and speeches from the country's leading technology stakeholders. The event allows important networking opportunities throughout the evening, culminating with after dinner drinks.