Datanomics: Quantifying the economic value of public sector data

In the latest episode of the techUK podcast we are delighted to bring you episode three of our new series, powered by Deloitte. Over three episodes, the Deloitte Public Sector Data Series will explore data in the public sector. The series will cover its economic value; the issue of data sharing and the skills and capabilities needed to make best use of data. In each episode a public sector Data Leader, who is also a member of Deloitte's Public Sector Data Leaders Forum, will be interviewed.

In the third episode of the Deloitte Public Sector Data series, Davin Crowley-Sweet, Chief Data Officer at National Highways joins Ed Roddis, Public Sector Research Director at Deloitte to discuss the value of data.  Davin shares his experience of conducting a comprehensive study to quantify the economic value of the data estate at National Highways.

You can learn more about Deloitte's Public Sector Data Leaders Forum here