5G communications

5G is the digital fabric of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, enabling the delivery of new and exciting services into areas such as utilities, mobility and healthcare. techUK delivers value in two areas; on the efficient deployment of secure and resilience network infrastructure, and ensuring the UK is leader in the adoption of 5G services. We do this by bringing together key players – be they local or central government, Ofcom or key vertical industry players such as energy companies.

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Tech and Innovation

techUK’s Technology and Innovation Programme explores key transformative technologies driving the UK’s digital economy, society and Industry 4.0 including AI, digital identity, cloud, data analytics and emerging technologies such as quantum and RPA. By exploring the convergence of technologies and identifying opportunities to drive adoption and deployment and conducting horizon scanning to identify future technology trends it ensures techUK remains relevant as the technology industry evolves.

Communications Infrastructure

techUK brings together government, the regulator, telecom companies and its stakeholders around four themes; shared infrastructure, security and resilience, unlicensed spectrum and our 5G ecosystem. We do so to lower the cost to the sector of deployment, ensure confidence in networks, spur innovation and unlock value for all parties in 5G. This is delivered through a mix of thought leadership, multilateral engagement and ecosystem building.

Satellite Applications and Services

techUK seeks to highlight two of the key downstream services that satellites bring to the UK; innovative connectivity solutions from broadband to Internet of Things, and Positioning, Navigation and Timings (PTN) services. We do so through two committees with our partner trade association UKspace and by ensuring that satellite has a strong voice in our other relevant work - be that 5G or geospatial data.

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