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Justice and emergency services

The JES Programme represents the supplier community that operates in the public safety, criminal justice, and blue light markets. The Programme aims to create strong relationships between members and public sector customers by creating forums to encourage industry engagement, unlock innovation, explore emerging technology and interrogate challenges to digital transformation.

Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO) Tech Hub

Through our work with Government, Policing, and wider Criminal Justice System (CJS) agencies, techUK is showcasing key thought leaders in the space of tech's role in supporting the Justice system's work to tackle and prevent cases of VAWG and RASSO. This Centre highlights the latest developments and ideas within the VAWG and RASSO space, supporting policymakers and Policing leaders.

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Meet the Justice and Emergency Services Management Committee 2024/2026

Bringing an exciting end to the year, techUK is delighted to announce the results of the Justice and Emergency Services Management Committee (JESMC) for the 2024/2026 tenure.

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Join us for the Annual Modernising Justice Conference | 6 June

The event brings together the complete justice system, from arrest through to release. Expert speakers will discuss; the use of AI in the sector, how to modernise digital infrastructure, develop an effective workforce, and collaborate across the sector.



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NFCC Data, Digital and Technology Conference 2024

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Join techUK's National Security Group

Our new group will keep techUK members updated on the latest news and views from across the UK national security landscape in order to help answer the key question of ‘what is technology’s role in protecting the UK homeland, its interests and its citizens?’. The group will also spotlight events and engagement opportunities for members to get involved in.

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The Emergency Tech Show 2024

Join us at The Emergency Tech Show in this fantastic opportunity for emergency services SMEs and start ups to present their contributions to the sector in front of a specialised audience...

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Member-led Groups

Working Groups and Committees

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Justice and Emergency Services Management Committee

The Justice and Emergency Services (JES) Programme has over 300 members who are represented by the JES Management Committee (JESMC). The JESMC is a group of 20 representatives of companies in techUK's membership who work together to oversee the strategic leadership and direction of the programme.

Robert Leach, Chair, Director, R Leach Consulting Katie Taffler, Vice-Chair, Criminal Justice Lead, Accenture (Interim Vice-Chair: Daniel Boyd Vice President at Mastek)

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VAWG and RASSO Tech Working Group

Deputy Chief Constable Maggie Blyth leads the VAWG taskforce, established in 2021 to deliver a step change in the police response to tackling violence against women and girls.


Digital Justice Working Group

A member-led working group exploring opportunities to drive digital transformation across the Criminal Justice System, working closely with partners from the Ministry of Justice, HMPPS, HMCTS and the Crown Prosecution Service. The working group is now closed for nominations. However, if you wish to stay up to date with this work, please get in touch.


Interoperability for Policing Working Group

Lack of interoperability of tech solutions, systems and tools is a recognised challenge in the policing sector, and indeed more widely across the ecosystem. The InterOp-Pol initiative is member-led and aims to change commercial behaviour and mindset with regards to interoperability challenges, by facilitating the development of a charter. The charter is by industry and for industry and outlines a company’s commitment to openness and interoperability.


Security and Public Safety SME Forum

The Security and Public Safety SME Forum seeks to include a broad grouping of different SME companies working in the National Security and Justice & Emergency Services sectors.




VAWG and RASSO updates

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Digital Justice

Digital Justice updates

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Interoperability in Policing updates

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Fire and Rescue

Fire and rescue updates

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All techUK's work is led by our members - keep in touch or get involved by joining one of the programmes below.


Justice and Emergency Services

techUK's Justice and Emergency Services Programme provides a forum for justice and public safety stakeholders, from national policing bodies and local forces to fire and rescue and the justice system, opportunities to collaborate with members and stakeholders to understand the latest innovations, problem-solve and develop networks. The programme creates a voice for members active in this market and champions the role technology plays in supporting the delivery of public safety services.


Local public services

Local public services are faced with a range of challenges and digital presents the opportunity to do things differently and smarter. We bring together companies large and small with local authorities to find solutions that improve outcomes for citizens and help create thriving, productive and safer places for all. Local government can be a complex market, that is why we help members to navigate it and champion the innovations that can create truly digital local public services and outcomes.

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