The Reskilling Imperative: Creating the workforce of the future

In the latest episode of the techUK podcast we are delighted continue our series The Reskilling Imperative, powered by Salesforce. Across four episodes the series explores a range of issues relating to the digital skills gap - how do we ensure that the UK workforce has the necessary skills to thrive in the workplace of today and the future, how can tech companies ensure an inclusive workforce and support those from underrepresented and marginalised communities prosper, and how can business leaders support the upskilling of their current workforce to ensure they have the opportunity to continuously develop digital skills. 

In this second episode of the series Kirstin Steinmetz, Workforce Development Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Salesforce speaks to 19-year-old Stany Lucau a Sales Development Apprentice at Salesforce. The episode explores how the tech sector can create the workforce of the future. Due to ongoing digital transformation, companies need a workforce with the skills for current and future workplace, Stany and Kirstin discuss how businesses can build an inclusive future through workforce development. 

Throughout the episode Stany from Kill, a small town just outside Dublin, shares his insights and experiences as a recent school-leaver who has entered into the workforce through Salesforce's apprenticeship programme. The apprenticeship programme provides paid work experience and on the job training for young tech talent with the goal of helping young people to establish a strong professional foundation, develop specialist skills, build networks and grow their careers. In the current climate where the tech sector is facing the ongoing challenges of the digital skills gap, the programme is a valuable opportunity for Salesforce to develop entry level talent. 

In the podcast, Stany shares how he became a Salesforce apprentice following an unexpected call from a school guidance counsellor and despite some reservations about working for a 'very techy' company Stany jumped at the opportunity. Stany also talks about the skills that the apprenticeship has allowed him to develop and how the jump from school straight into the workplace, while challenging, has been a great opportunity for him. 

Stany shares his advice for young people who are concerned that they don't have enough tech skills, and how he develops his own skills and knowledge using resources like Trailhead or YouTube.  For the tech sector trying to reach young people like Stany, he advises companies to tailor job adverts to them, make use of the platforms that teenagers are using and sending representatives to visit schools and speak to students about the opportunities that exist in the tech sector. 

Finally, Stany shares his hopes to progress his career and explore the world of solutions engineering which has caught his eye during his apprenticeship.

Make sure to listen to the episode now to hear more about Stany's experience as a Salesforce apprentice and if you haven't already done so, check out episode one of the series How to thrive in the digital economy.