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National security

techUK's National Security programme aims to lead debate on new and emerging technologies which present opportunities to strengthen UK national security, but also expose vulnerabilities which threaten it. Through a variety of market engagement and policy activities, it assesses the capability of these technologies against various national security threats, developing thought-leadership on topics such as procurement, innovation, diversity and skills.

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National Security programme activity

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National Security Technology and Innovation Exchange OpTech Co-Creation Security Challenges

The National Security Technology and Innovation Exchange (NSTIx) is a government-led science, technology and innovation partnership that enables coherent and agile delivery of innovative national security outcomes through a co-ordinated and systematic approach to research and capability development.

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National Security groups


National Security Group

The National Security Group will allow techUK members to view the latest news and views from across the UK national security landscape in order to help answer the key question of ‘what is technology’s role in protecting the UK homeland, its interests and its citizens?’. The group will also spotlight events and engagement opportunities for members to get involved in.


National Security Committee

The National Security Committee exists to drive and govern the work of the techUK National Security Programme. It is comprised of senior representatives from strategically important companies active in National Security markets and policy areas across the UK. Its focus is to address the strategic-level security concerns that impact the UK tech sector, and providing a forum for the Government’s national security community to engage with technology suppliers on industry engagement opportunities.


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