31 Jan 2023

The techUK podcast: The technologies underpinning the metaverse

techUK's new podcast on underpinning the metaverse will help set the foundations of how different emerging technologies will underpin the metaverse, and how they will work together to create seamless, interoperable worlds.

This series was initially recorded as part of a miniseries published on the techUK website. This miniseries was recorded with a podcast in mind, but if you hear the speakers occaisionally refer to slides don't worry - you can view these here.

The metaverse will be built on a foundation of many technologies, including communications networks and data infrastructure, high-performance computing, cloud, and edge computing; and enabled by many of the emerging and transformative technologies being developed by techUK members, including distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and eventually quantum.

In this episode of the techUK podcast we will set the foundations of how these different emerging technologies will underpin the metaverse, and how they will work together to create seamless, interoperable worlds.

We are joined by guests:

  •  Dean Bubley, Founder and CEO, Disruptive Analysis who discusses next generation connectivity (01:55 - 26:26)
  • Jamie Allan, Media, Entertainment & Broadcast Lead, NVIDIA, who discusses advanced compute (26.30 - 38:58)
  • Victoria Thorpe, Senior Manager, Accenture, who discusses ARVR technologies (39:00 - 51:36)
  • Ian Taylor, Head of Crypto & Digital Assets, KPMG who discusses DLT technologies (51:44 - 1:09:44)
  • Sarah Cameron, Legal Director, Pinsent Masons, and Athar Agha, Principal Solutions Architect, Pinsent Masons who discuss AI in the metaverse (1:09:53 - 1:26:02)

Visit our Metaverse hub to learn more and get involved.

For more information please contact: 

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

Head of Technology and Innovation, techUK

Laura is techUK’s Head of Programme for Technology and Innovation.

She supports the application and expansion of emerging technologies, including Quantum Computing, High-Performance Computing, AR/VR/XR and Edge technologies, across the UK. As part of this, she works alongside techUK members and UK Government to champion long-term and sustainable innovation policy that will ensure the UK is a pioneer in science and technology

Before joining techUK, Laura worked internationally as a conference researcher and producer covering enterprise adoption of emerging technologies. This included being part of the strategic team at London Tech Week.

Laura has a degree in History (BA Hons) from Durham University, focussing on regional social history. Outside of work she loves reading, travelling and supporting rugby team St. Helens, where she is from.

[email protected]

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