10 May 2024

The techUK Podcast Cyber Series: The importance of secure communications


In this podcast, Paul Fryer, Senior Manager, Sales Engineering UK/I/MEA at BlackBerry joins Jill Broom, techUK's Programme Manager for Cyber Security, to talk about secure communications.

The third episode in this Cyber Series in partnership with BlackBerry explores secure communications and covers the following points:

  • We all have our favourite apps for keeping in touch. Why do they cause such a headache for our IT departments?
  • What can companies do to step up communications security without creating roadblocks that people will be tempted to bypass?
  • What can companies do to evaluate and ready their communications in the event of a cyber attack?
  • What are your top tips for companies to achieve a secure communications environment that’s easy and intuitive to use?

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Jill Broom

Jill Broom

Programme Manager, Cyber Security, techUK

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Margot Stumm

Head of Events and Sponsorship, techUK