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Connected home

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is enabling the development of the connected home market in the UK. techUK works to identify the opportunities, issues and challenges facing the sector: from new wireless connections, to innovative consumer solutions in the energy markets, security, insurance and health and social care. Our core aim is to strengthen the connected home as a shared network and resources model, pushing interoperability, and promoting innovation in the market.

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State of the Connected Home 2023

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18 – 29 September 2023

Leeds Digital Festival

Leeds Partner event
26 – 27 September 2023

International Cyber Expo 2023

London Partner event
27 September 2023

Building the Smarter State 2023

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Smart Infrastructure and Systems

Our Smart Infrastructure and Systems Programme is the champion for smart infrastructure deployment and governance in the UK, and the economic and societal benefits that smart technologies can deliver. We focus on the innovative application of emerging technologies to traditional forms of infrastructure (such as mobility, energy, water, and the connected home), bringing expert communities together to consider how to reduce costs, increase efficiency and resilience, and deliver better performance.

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Climate, Environment and Sustainability

We believe that digital technology offers significant opportunities to support the net zero transition, climate adaptation, and a healthy and clean environment. We also recognise our own climate and environmental impact, as well as the human rights risks in the tech supply chain, and work closely with members, government, regulators and stakeholders to try and address these to realise the positive benefits of tech as we transition to more sustainable systems and business models.


Market Access

The techUK Market Access Programme helps members understand, shape, and comply with the increasingly complex array of regulations and laws that underpin international trade. We work with government officials and legal experts to help members understand and shape policy around standards, technical regulations, sanctions, trade policy and export controls, subjects tech firms need to be on top of to trade internationally.

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