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Once the preserve of thought experiments in philosophy textbooks and blockbuster dystopias like The Matrix and Ready Player One, the concept of a metaverse – a virtual world in which we experience the life of our digital twin – may soon be a reality for UK businesses and consumers.

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technologies underpinning the metaverse

In short, digestible webinars for on-the-go or listening at home, techUK's technologies underpinning the metaverse miniseries will explore what emerging technologies will underpin the metaverse, and how they will work together.

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techUK... in the metaverse?

Yes, that's right! As part of techUK's Making the Metaverse campaign, techUK's Laura Foster, Head of tech and Innovation was delighted to join Neesa Mangalaparathy, Programme Delivery Lead for XR and ADC, NHS England, and Chris Yiu, Director of Public Policy for Northern Europe, Meta to test out the technology that has the potential to revolutionise the workforce.

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Laura Foster

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