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Jobs and skills

To make sure that the UK is a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone, it is crucial that people have the digital skills needed for life and work. Rapid digitisation is creating surging demand for digital skills across the economy and the current domestic skills pipeline cannot keep up. Digitisation is also leading to rapid changes in the labour market that means some traditional roles are being displaced. There is an urgent need to better match the demand and supply.

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Fast Forward for Digital Jobs

techUK's flagship skills report takes insights from Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, BT, Salesforce, Cisco, FDM, and UKFast, and the wider tech industry to see how we can work together to signpost the opportunity of digital jobs to more people and work to ensure that these opportunities are open to people of diverse backgrounds. As the government’s legislative agenda for the next year focuses on equipping people with the skills they need, there has never been a more pressing need to match people’s skills to a fast-changing labour market. techUK sees clear ways to do this.

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Latest news & insights

techUK gives evidence to the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee on digital exclusion and the cost of living

The Communications and Digital Committee has launched an inquiry into digital exclusion and the cost of living. techUK provided written evidence and Antony Walker, Deputy CEO, gave oral evidence to the inquiry.

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🎤 Podcast - The Reskilling Imperative: How to thrive in the digital economy

Nimmi Patel, Policy Manager, Skills, Talent and Diversity at techUK speaks with Adam Spearing, EMEA Field CTO & SVP Solution Consulting UKI, Salesforce to explore the skills gap, discuss how we can tackle some of the challenges, and help develop a workforce with the specialist skills required to thrive in the digital economy.  

Looking at anticipated jobs growth over the next few years, Adam and Nimmi discuss how Salesforce and the tech industry more widely must bring people from diverse backgrounds into the ecosystem. In order to target those who are less motivated to learn digital skills, Adam believes it is important to allow people to give it a try. Adam points to resources such as Salesforce’s Trailhead platform as useful tool which allows people to learn tech and business skills in a fun way.  

Finally, the podcast touches on Salesforce’s commitments to industry-wide initiatives such as techUK’s Fast Forward for Digital Jobs taskforce, with Adam pointing out that although tech companies compete against one another, it is essential for industry to come together to tackle the skills gap.

Meet techUK's Skills & Diversity Council

The Skills and Diversity Council aims to support the wider diversity and inclusion agenda in the tech sector and use their convening power take concrete steps to help the UK develop skills for the modern economy. The Council brings together some of the most influential networks and people working across the industry to champion diversity in tech.

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techUK Early Tech Career Network

The Early Tech Career Network was established by techUK to bring together leading technology companies and enable people entering the tech industry (such as graduates, apprentices, interns and other entry-level roles, because of a career change/returning to work) the opportunity to build their knowledge and add value to the organisations for which they work. The main purpose of the network is to connect with others who are also new to the sector and network to build up a platform for support. 

ETCN defence 2.png

An introduction to Defence & Security with the Early Tech Career Network

techUK’s virtual Early Tech Career Network event provided attendees with key insights on defence, national security, data, and importantly discussed how to get involved in all three.


4 Key Takeaways from techUK’s Early Tech Career Network event on Data Ethics

techUK's Early Tech Career Network event, hosted by Visa’s Women in Technology Europe, explored the ethical use of data.

Rick Accenture.jpg

Early Tech Career Network - Intro to Cyber Security

techUK's Early Tech Career Network event, hosted at Accenture, explored all things Cyber Security with three brilliant speakers.

Speaker IoT.jpg

Early Tech Career Network at Intel - Intro to IoT

Find out what you missed at the techUK Early Tech Career Network event on 25 April at Intel that explored IoT.

First meet up.jpg

techUK’s First Ever Early Tech Career Network Meet-Up

Oracle hosted the inaugural meet up of the techUK Early Tech Career Network.


Schools Outreach with I’m An Engineer

techUK have partnered with I’m an Engineer to run online outreach to schools to enable children to communicate with engineers and technicians working in the real world. We need people working within the sector to join a couple of chat sessions and answer questions from schoolchildren about what they do.

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Employers interested in the potential of degree apprenticeships, masters programmes or graduate recruitment to strengthen their workforce can get help from TechSkills, which became part of the techUK family in October 2020.

The Tech Industry Gold community brings together peers across industry and Higher Education to share insights, create industry-accredited programmes, inspire the next generation and provide a collective voice on government skills policy. With degree apprenticeships, employers can get the latest on the levy, access high quality programmes, and influence those in development. For degrees, employers have early access to students who graduate with the business, interpersonal and technical skills to be productive immediately.

Choosing a programme carrying the industry accreditation Tech Industry Gold gives the reassurance it meets industry standards for quality and relevance. There are already 35 Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeship programmes, including the recently accredited Masters (MScs) at Anglia Ruskin, Henley Business School and City University, and the first Cyber Security BSc at Gloucestershire University.

Here are the five reasons you should join the Skills, Talent and Diversity programme.

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Skills, Talent and Diversity

Making the UK the best place to start and grow a digital business is contingent on our ability to skill, attract and retain the brightest global talent. techUK’s Skills, Talent and Diversity Programme seeks to ensure the UK has a world-leading tech workforce by equipping the pipeline of talent with digital skills to become digital leaders, attracting and retaining a diverse workforce & making sure the UK is an attractive location for talent from across the world.


Policy and Public Affairs

techUK's policy and public affairs function makes the case to government and policymakers across Westminster, Whitehall, Brussels and the devolved nations on the most pressing issues facing businesses and the tech sector.



TechSkills, a techUK company, brings together employers and educators to develop the digital talent industry needs. Our mission is to create and promote industry-valued pathways into digital careers.

Nimmi Patel

Nimmi Patel

Head of Skills, Talent and Diversity, techUK

Antony Walker

Antony Walker

Deputy CEO, techUK

Jake Wall

Jake Wall

Policy Manager, Skills and Future of Work, techUK

Julian David

Julian David

CEO, techUK

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