techUK and the Office for Quantum are delighted to host the National Quantum Strategy Mission 2: Networking Workshop

The workshop will be used to understand industry views to: 

  • Gather feedback and input from the wider quantum ecosystem on the key strategic questions and challenges facing the mission, such as governance, security, infrastructure, international collaboration, and alignment with the other quantum missions 
  • Facilitate networking and knowledge exchange among the participants, including industry, academia and government 
  • Identify potential opportunities and synergies for co-investment, co-development, and co-delivery of the mission outcomes 
  • Inform the next steps on mission programme development.  


Quantum technologies offer profound and transformative economic, social, and security opportunities for the UK. These could impact on many areas of our lives, from improving healthcare and speeding up drug discovery, to supporting efforts to tackle climate change and helping to keep the UK safe. 

In 2023, the UK launched its National Quantum Strategy, committing £2.5bn over 10 years to help deliver its ambitions. This was followed by the publication of five long-term quantum missions at the Autumn Statement to galvanise the community around the development of quantum computing, quantum networks, medical applications, navigation, and sensing for infrastructure. For networking the UK will, by 2035, have deployed the world’s most advanced quantum network at scale, pioneering the future quantum internet. 

The workshop will provide an overview of the quantum networking mission programme and its proposed objectives, milestones, and potential delivery mechanisms. 


The workshop welcomes attendance from interested parties across industry, academia and the public sector. This will be an in-person event with space limited to 60 participants. If over-subscribed, participants will be prioritised to ensure a spread of knowledge, experience, and interest areas are represented. 

Booking a ticket will only register your interest for this workshop and should not be considered a confirmation. We will reach out to confirm attendees on a rolling basis by 10 May.

Please note contact details will be shared between techUK and DSIT to confirm attendees.  

Any questions please reach out to:

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