This webinar is taking place on the 'Gaming & Immersive Technologies' day of techUK's 2024 Unleashing Innovation campaign week.

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Esports, or electronic sports, is transforming the way people conceptualise, participate in, and consume both gaming and sports.

Thanks to major technical innovations such as online streaming and 5G connectivity, Esports is no longer an amateur persuit.

The global Esports sector continues to rapidly mature and commercialise, as evidenced by the rapid growth of gamers and viewers, continued establishment of professional leagues, and increased construction of dedicated Esports arenas.

Whilst the UK has established an early lead - in part due to its strong legacy in gaming - its continued success is far from inevitable. In particular, emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will determine whether the UK can capture the opportunities presented by the Esports sector of tomorrow.

This session will convene experts in the field of Esports to discuss the following topics:

  • How are emerging technologies set to transform the UK's Esports sector?
  • What technical infrastructure will this depend upon?
  • Is the UK well positioned to establish and maintain global leadership in Esports?
  • What more can UK industry and Government do to maximise the opportunities of Esports?

Confirmed speakers

The panel will feature a range of speakers, including techUK member organisations and wider stakeholders from across the Esports ecosystem.

The full speaker line-up will be announced in due course.

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