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Meet the Innovators

This series celebrates the work of members in promoting a healthy UK innovation ecosystem. Such an ecosystem would see a wide range of stakeholders collaborating on innovations that improve the lives of the UK population in a profound and sustainable manner, including through boosting productivity, tackling climate change, creating jobs, and facilitating economic growth.

Meet the Innovators blogs


Call to action for techUK members:

Our Meet the Innovators series celebrates the work of members in promoting a healthy UK innovation ecosystem.

This can involve:

  • Ensuring that innovation benefits people, society, the economy and the planet
  • Initiatives to improve collaboration, boost skills and productivity, create jobs, generate economic growth, and tackle climate change (plus much more)
  • Any of the three ingredients of innovation: enabling, accelerating or applying

If you are a techUK member and you would like to contribute a short written interview to be published one month, please email [email protected]

techUK – Supercharging UK Tech and Innovation

The opportunities of innovation are endless. Automation, IoT, AI, Edge, Quantum, Drones and High Performance Computing all have the power to transform the UK. techUK members lead the development of these technologies. Together we are working with Government and other stakeholders to address tech innovation priorities and build an innovation ecosystem that will benefit people, society, economy and the planet - and supercharge the UK as a global leader in tech and innovation.

For more information, or to get in touch, please visit our Innovation Hub and click ‘contact us’. 


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All shortlisted nominees will be invited to attend the techUK Annual Dinner on 2 July, and four winners will be celebrated on stage in front of 650+ industry and government guests.

Furthermore, the four winners will be profiled extensively across techUK communications and social channels, with further opportunities for them to take part in techUK events, videos and blogs.

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