Join techUK as we explore metaverse and web 3.0 technologies.

In this event, we will explore the business opportunities that will be unlocked by the convergence of web 3.0 and Metaverse technologies. From blockchain technologies that enable data ownership and peer-to-peer transactions, building immersive worlds in which we can socialise and collaborate, and the emergence of a digital asset economy, where virtual goods and experiences are tokenised, attendees will learn how these technologies will interact to spark innovative business models and new opportunities across sectors including retail, gaming and more.

This is your chance to begin preparing for this seismic shift in how customers and businesses perceive, engage and unlock opportunities online.

In addition to a networking session, there will also be a technology demo area in which companies at the forefront of metaverse technologies will provide in-person demonstrations for attendees.

You can find the featured speakers and agenda below.

Featured speakers




12:30-13:00 Registration

Opening remarks


Presentation: Redefining the metaverse and web 3.0


Panel: How do we build the metaverse and what are the technologies that underpin it?



Networking break and technology demos


mxreality logo.png


mXreality will showcase various Metaverse environments, highlighting the technology's applications in events, onboarding, training, and education. Their online 3D Metaverse Hub is a fully content-managed platform which allows users to explore, connect, and interact in simulated environments.

Presentation: Regulating the metaverse

  • What do we mean by “regulations” in the metaverse and which authorities are responsible for implementation and enforcement?
  • To what extent can we expect businesses to be able to self-regulate in the metaverse?
  • What regulation can we expect of users of the metaverse as opposed to providers?
  • How can regulators and industry work together as discussions on regulating the metaverse evolve?
  • How are some countries are already adapting to the opportunities and risks posed by the metaverse?
  • What would governance in the metaverse look like?

Presentation: Developing a business strategy for the metaverse

  • What is the metaverse/web3 and how does it bring value to businesses? 
  • How do you formalise a metaverse strategy and what factors do you need to consider?
  • How can you dip a toe into web3 and prove the business value? (case studies from PwC)
  • What are some key industry tipping points that will accelerate adoption of web3 platforms/tech such as virtual worlds, NFTs, and spatial computing devices?

Panel: Gaming in the metaverse

  • How will gaming in the metaverse look and feel and what key technologies will underpin this?
  • What major developments can we expect over the coming years?
  • How can we ensure that these new online environments are safe and trusted?
  • How can industry prepare for all of this and get ahead of the game?


16:20-17:30 Network and showcase
17:30 Close


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