This event took place on 30 October 2023. Click here to read the event round-up and view the recording.

This series, developed exclusively by techUK, brings together the UK Venture Capital and investment community with UK innovators and UK Government to address the challenges holding back sustainable investment around specific emerging technologies.

The first iteration of this series explored Quantum technologies and the formidable opportunity these technologies may unlock.

Whilst companies across a range of sectors struggle to secure sufficient levels of growth capital, the long time horizons between space tech development and commercialisation, coupled with the nasceant space finance ecosystem, mean that this challenge is particularly acute in the UK's space sector.

With the global space economy projected to grow from an estimated £270 billion in 2019 to £490 billion by 2030, it's more important than ever that UK SMEs are empowered to seize the initiative, achieve the necessary escape velocity, and ultimately secure a large share of the global New Space market.

This panel and networking session explored how the UK can improve access to growth capital for space SMEs looking to scale.

After hearing from an expert panel consisting of the UK Space Agency, world-leading space SMEs, and prominent VCs, attendeeshad the opportunity to participate in a networking session in which they could mix with our speakers and other finance industry stakeholders over pizza in the techUK offices.

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What is the Supercharging Investment series?

Underpinning the UK’s ambition to become a science and technology superpower is a thriving start-up and investment community that can turn the latest innovations into blossoming businesses and services.

The UK has a strong emerging tech start-up scene and has more tech unicorns than Europe, coupled with leading emerging tech industries in AI, fintech and Quantum. However, there are still bottlenecks to overcome if the UK is to become a world leading investment hub, competing internationally as the place for emerging technologies to thrive.  

From building awareness around the opportunities of different emerging technologies, their timelines towards development, and how short-term to long-term return on investment may differ; to exploring the larger questions facing the UK investment ecosystem such as dealing with uncertain macroeconomic environments and how to signal to businesses that they can scale long term and internationally from the UK.

These sessions will facilitate the opportunity for these groups to identify and address these challenges together, and navigate how UK Government can bolster this investment ecosystem and enable it to thrive.

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The UK is home to emerging technologies that have the power to revolutionise entire industries. From quantum to semiconductors; from gaming to the New Space Economy, they all have the unique opportunity to help prepare for what comes next.

techUK members lead the development of these technologies. Together we are working with Government and other stakeholders to address tech innovation priorities and build an innovation ecosystem that will benefit people, society, economy and the planet - and unleash the UK as a global leader in tech and innovation.

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