Join techUK on Tuesday 14th May to hear from industry voices on the pivotal role of semiconductors in the net zero transition. 

The UK government has recognised the crucial role of semiconductors in the nation’s ambitions for energy security, zero-emissions vehicles and reducing food waste. On top of this, there are huge growth opportunities, with the potential for semiconductors to be a trillion-dollar industry by 2030. 

For example, new electric vehicles need semiconductors for functions like power electronics, controlling the battery and motor. It is expected that EV’s will use double the semiconductor chips that a traditional car requires, using up to 3,000 separate chips. 

But challenges remain for the UK’s semiconductor capability, and leveraging the role it plays in net zero ambitions. This includes continued supply chain disruption, lack of the right skills and infrastructure for semiconductor plants.

Collaborative efforts between industry, government, and the tech sector are vital to delivering meaningful and scalable results in ensuring the UK is on the right track for the semiconductor industry, and that this can enable the net zero transition.  

Join us to hear from a panel of experts and discuss key questions around the following:

🚗 How are semiconductors decarbonising other industries? 

🔋 What key emerging technologies are semiconductors enabling? 

🔬 How is the UK semiconductor manufacturing process moving towards sustainability? 

Confirmed Speakers: 

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Agenda to follow soon. 

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