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Making the UK the best place to start and grow a digital business is contingent on our ability to skill, attract and retain the brightest global talent. techUK’s Skills, Talent and Diversity Programme seeks to ensure the UK has a world-leading tech workforce by equipping the pipeline of talent with digital skills to become digital leaders, attracting and retaining a diverse workforce & making sure the UK is an attractive location for talent from across the world.

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Migration Group

Access to talent remains the number one issue for techUK members. It is therefore crucial that the UK remains an attractive destination for this talent. That includes creating an immigration system that is quick, efficient and welcoming. The Migration Group supports techUK in attaining the tech sector’s desired outcomes from both the current and future migration system. Membership of the group is diverse with experts from our members’ HR, public policy and recruitment departments.

Accessible Technology Group

techUK’s Accessible Technology Group is forum that works to highlight the economic and social benefit of ensuring tech products and services are inclusive by design and is a visible advocate promoting inclusive tech to support people with disabilities and inclusive tech solutions. The Group aims to share best practice in developing solutions and services, and disseminate knowledge and facilitate engagement on accessible technology within techUK’s membership.

Skills and Diversity Council

techUK's Skills and Diversity Council aims to support the wider diversity and inclusion agenda in the tech sector and take concrete steps to help the UK develop skills for the modern economy and address skills gaps. The Council brings together some of the most influential networks and people working across the industry to champion diversity in tech, relating to: gender, ethnicity, LGBT+, disability, neurodiversity and social mobility.

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