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Skills, Talent and Diversity

Making the UK the best place to start and grow a digital business is contingent on our ability to skill, attract and retain the brightest global talent. techUK’s Skills, Talent and Diversity Programme seeks to ensure the UK has a world-leading tech workforce by equipping the pipeline of talent with digital skills to become digital leaders, attracting and retaining a diverse workforce & making sure the UK is an attractive location for talent from across the world.

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Jobs and Skills

To make sure that the UK is a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone, it is crucial that people have the digital skills needed for life and work. Rapid digitalisation is creating surging demand for digital skills across the economy and the current domestic skills pipeline cannot keep up. Digitalisation is also leading to rapid changes in the labour market that means some traditional roles are being displaced. There is an urgent need to better match the demand and supply.

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Future of Work

The future of work is changing. Technology is powering a growth in flexible work across the economy, whilst emerging technologies such as robotics and AI are set to become common place. techUK believes the UK must consider the implications of digital transformation in the world of work now, equipping people and businesses across the country with the skills and conditions needed to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the 4IR.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion sits at the heart of digital growth. The tech sector understands that innovation thrives from diversity of thought and is continually looking to attract, recruit and retain a diverse workforce. techUK is proud to support a number of initiatives that promote this, from doing outreach work to ensure that people regardless of their background are inspired into tech, to initiatives that help build more inclusive workplaces for those with different accessibility needs.

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Returners Hub

Returners programmes offer a supported bridge back to work for people who have taken a career break. Providing ways for people to ease back into work after a career break is a vital way to make sure we do not lose out on their talent and experience. The techUK returners hub was created as a one-stop-shop for people looking to return to a career in digital.

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Latest reports


Making AI work for Britain

techUK's latest report unveils the future of work in an AI-powered era.

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Driving the future of transport – addressing the skills gap

This new report sets out five recommendations for how government and industry can ensure that the transport sector has the digital and technical skills it needs to thrive.


Preparing the UK for the future of work

techUK sets out its recommendations for government to prepare the UK for the future of work.

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Fast Forward for Digital Jobs

techUK's Fast Forward for Digital Jobs report examines the state of play of adult education and digital skills training and sets out seven key recommendations to support learners, support employers, and deliver change at scale.

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Delivering Diversity

techUK has catalogued how members are committing to ethnic diversity in the tech workforce and are pushing for progress.

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Digital skills: Establishing a digital learning pathway

Deloitte and techUK have collaborated on a paper that proposes a skills platform that will allow people to identify effective digital learning pathways.


Survey results: Lockdown and changing attitudes towards tech

techUK commissioned polling to find out how our dependence on technology through the first lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the UK’s attitude towards digital technologies.


techUK report: How tech parents view education and the future of work

techUK surveyed parents working in tech to find out what they thought the future of work held for their children and how well our education system was preparing them for the jobs and labour market of tomorrow

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All techUK's work is led by our members - keep in touch or get involved by joining one of the groups below:


Skills and Diversity Council

The Skills and Diversity Council aims to support the wider diversity and inclusion agenda in the tech sector and use their convening power take concrete steps to help the UK develop skills for the modern economy. The Council brings together some of the most influential networks and people working across the industry to champion diversity in tech.


Migration Group

Access to talent remains the number one issue for techUK members. It is therefore crucial that the UK remains an attractive destination for this talent. That includes creating an immigration system that is quick, efficient and welcoming. The Migration Group supports techUK in attaining the tech sector’s desired outcomes from both the current and future migration system. Membership of the group is diverse with experts from our members’ HR, public policy and recruitment departments.


Skills and Diversity Working Group

Delivering 21st Century Health and Care requires a digitally-skilled workforce. The Skills and Diversity Working Group is supporting the NHS and social care bodies to develop the next generation of digital leaders while encouraging diversity and inclusion in healthtech. For more information, please contact: Leontina Postelnicu| Programme Manager, Health and Social Care.

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Nimmi Patel

Head of Skills, Talent and Diversity, techUK

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Antony Walker

Deputy CEO, techUK

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Jake Wall

Policy Manager, Skills and Future of Work, techUK

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