Welcome to techUK's Future of Compute Week 2022

During this week techUK will be sharing industry-led insights on what unlocking the potential of large-scale compute (HPC, exascale and other supercomputing infrastructure) could mean for the UK’s society and economy.

Access to advanced compute - the ability to process data at scale and solve complex problems at speed, whether through high-performance computing (HPC) or other large-scale compute (LSC) - is essential to R&D in a range of sectors, including healthcare and drug discovery, engineering and manufacturing, financial services and risk analysis, particle physics, materials science and more.
During this week we will deep-dive into a number of themes that, if addressed, could develop our large scale compute infrastructure to support the UK’s ambitions as a science and technology superpower.
Below you can read the blogs published on each day. Share your thoughts and views on how HPC will transform the UK economy by using the hashtag #FutureofCompute and tagging @techUK on twitter and LinkedIn. 


Monday - What is HPC, and why will it unlock innovation in the UK?

The Man With 100,000 Brains: Driving UK Life Science Breakthroughs with Simulated Data

Synthetic data’s pivotal role in the future of compute

UK world leadership in many fields has HPC at the core

Challenges and innovation in the age of Exascale


Tuesday - Quantum, HPC and AI: Emerging technologies underpinning the future of compute

Quantum computing is easier to access than you think

Is there a convergence of AI with HPC? What are the new workloads?

Memory technologies for the future of compute


Wednesday - Overcoming barriers: skills and sustainability for the future of compute

“It takes a village” to develop the Future of Compute Skills


Thursday - International collaboration

International Collaboration to Prevent the Next Digital Divide


Friday - Opening access to compute

Unlocking the power of Data: Opportunities powered by HPC

How do we open access to compute?

HPC: The importance of being open



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