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Financial Services

techUK's Financial Services and Payments Programme builds a greater understanding of the 'technological art of the possible' in order to apply it to the reform and evolution of the financial systems. The programme focuses on: digital banking, insurance, payments, cyber security, financial inclusion and the adoption of distributed ledger technology. The programme also represents the voice of the tech industry in the fast-evolving policy and regulatory developments affecting the sector.

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Distributed Ledger Technology Working Group

techUK's Distributed Ledger Technology Working Group provides strategic direction for all techUK activities related to blockchain and DLT, including use cases and barriers to adoption in financial services, IoT, smart energy and Government. The group considers what action can be taken in order to industrialise, support technology readiness, help organisations with adoption and develop new use cases.

Financial Inclusion Working Group

The techUK Financial Inclusion Working Group investigates the ways technology can be fostered to increase inclusion in financial services. It examines the opportunities to ensure financial products and services can be accessible by all and delivers for all sectors of society. The group also looks at the regulatory landscape across the financial services industry.

Open Banking and Payments

The techUK Open Banking and Payments Working Group recognises the long-term potential for open banking principles to transform financial services and provide new opportunities for fintech developments. The group also works with industry and regulators to ensure the UK continues to be a leader in a rapidly changing payments landscape.

Financial Services Council

The techUK Financial Services Council provides guidance and direction to the work undertaken across the Financial Services & Payments Programme, its constituent groups and work streams. The Council is made up of the chairs and representatives from techUK member companies who have key expertise and a strong interest in long-term policy aims for the financial services sector.

2021 achievements and 2022 objectives

Explore our Financial Services programme's achievements and objectives here.



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Mobilise - Transforming Transport Through Tech | 29 March | Free for techUK members

Mobilise is techUK’s flagship future of transport and mobility conference. This year, it will bring together public and private sector leaders to discuss how we can deliver long-term multi-stakeholder projects that harness the power of technology within transport.

This conference is for public sector leaders in transport and infrastructure using technology to improve services, including infrastructure managers, local authorities and government departments. The event is also especially relevant to technology suppliers with products, services and solutions in transport, as well as mobility operators and logistics companies.