This webinar took place on 13 June 2023. Click here to read the event round-up.

The Industries of the Future series explores how emerging and enabling technologies are transforming key industries around the world, assessing the challenges and opportunities for UK businesses, and considering what more we can do to accelerate digital transformation so that innovation is applied to the real economy in ways that change lives.

Digital technology can enable a fast-paced growth, improve the safety, accessibility and sustainability of the energy systems. Crucially, it can also be integral in addressing stagnant productivity facing UK industries – including the energy sector. But digitalisation is also raising new security and privacy risks. It is also changing markets, businesses and employment. The UK has an exciting opportunity to review and redesign its energy system and create a platform for economic growth, one that delivers high skill jobs and export potential, if the UK can attract investment in green Enertech production.

While it is integral for industry to lead the way, this cannot be done alone and a coherent policy framework is needed to guide and incentivise action. The current policy requires greater coherence and coordination across sectors to deliver Britain’s legally binding net zero targets. We struggle to see coherent demand side policy matched with supply to ensure Great Britain’s energy security. What is more, the measures required to align policy and regulation to accelerate the pace of change in the energy transition remain unaddressed. These are the areas where digital technology can play a pivotal role in delivering net zero, creating value to consumers and enabling their choices, as well as delivering economic growth.

As such, this event will convene industry leaders to understand the digitalisation opportunity facing the UK and hear insights as to how the UK can best incentivise digitalisation to achieve net zero goals. Specifically we will address:

  • How can the energy sector pioneer UK’s ambition to become a tech and science superpower?
  • How does the energy sector compare in terms of productivity and resiliency to other UK industries and sectors? Is this industry a pioneer or a follower?
  • How can Government work with industry to identify the next generation of technology needed to achieve energy security and net zero?

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