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techUK membership includes support to manage the time and cost of dealing with HR issues and reduces risks to your company.

Through our partnership with HR Solutions, techUK members can access key HR resources, templates and policies with a FREE subscription to the HR Knowledge Base. These free services alone are worth over £1,000. 

The HR Knowledge Base is the go-to resource for thousands of small businesses and provides an easily searchable online resource offering easy-to-use HR templates, contracts, letters, guides and customisable policies.

You also get access to a FREE 30-minute advice call with an expert HR Advisor, who can assist you with queries on employee relations, grievances, improving team performance, and so much more. 

Why do I need HR?
Having the right HR support in place will help you to: 

  1. Attract and recruit the right talent 
  2. Onboard, train and successfully embed new employees
  3. Develop and upskill employees
  4. Manage performance and address any employee challenges
  5. Create a positive business culture 

Managing your team effectively and having the right policies in place will help your business to succeed, whilst reducing risks to your company. 

How do I know if I need to improve my HR?

HR Solutions’ FREE HR risk audit will help you to identify any areas of your HR you may need to improve and provide guidance on how to do so. You can download a full report once you’ve completed the audit.

Complete the free HR risk audit here:


Get your free access to the HR Knowledge Base by registering at:  Once registered, you will be able to request your free advice call – simply notify the advisor at the beginning of your call.

If you are already registered to the HR Knowledge Base you can use the following link to sign in or request a password reset:

Please note, your password for the techUK website is separate to the password for the HR Knowledge Base.

User Queries

If your email has changed or if you have any other HR queries, please contact:

HR Solutions

Call:  0333 247 2004

Email:  [email protected]


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