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Emerging technologies

techUK is dedicated to exploring key transformative technologies driving the UK’s digital economy, society and industry through tech and innovation campaigns. Through dedicated events, insights and webinars on technologies such as geospatial data, Edge computing and AR/VR technologies we drive forward opportunities to drive adoption and deployment.

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techUK publishes Quantum Commercialisation report

techUK has published a new quantum commercialisation report – Quantum commercialisation: Positioning the UK for success– calling on UK Government and industry to set clear commercial ambitions together, giving UK-based and international businesses the confidence that the UK is a viable place to achieve quantum commercial viability

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Exploring the metaverse

Kick starting the new future visions series, techUK was joined by IBM, NVIDIA, Baker McKenzie and Metanomic to explore what is the metaverse, and what this term means for the UK tech sector

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Technologies in the spotlight

Future of compute

techUK works with our members to explore how we can develop our compute ecosystem and leverage this crucial group of technologies to support the UK’s ambitions as a science and technology superpower.


Quantum computing has been identified as a key emerging and transformative technology that will have an impact on the UK’s long term digital and economic future. In the coming years, Quantum will have the potential to enable smart cities, revolutionise healthcare systems and drive innovation in key industries. To prepare for this future techUK believes now is the time to bring the wider technology sector into the discussion about the UK’s quantum future and how we plan for success.

Edge computing

Edge computing, while not new, is fast becoming seen as a key technology and an enabler of widescale innovation. The benefits of edge computing are two-fold: accelerating innovation in key industries, and accelerating adoption on complementing emerging technologies. techUK helps identify, explore and make the case for greater use of Edge computing solutions as part of the UK’s digital transformation journey.

Augmented and virtual reality

Enterprise adoption of immersive technologies will be a crucial tool for business innovation, driving tangible benefits and a clear ROI, including mitigating high-risk, high-cost training through VR, building digital twins, and exploring the future of an augmented workforce. techUK’s AR/VR work showcases a viable route to market for businesses interested in this technology.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation has the capacity to revolutionise business services across a variety of industries through driving optimisation, enhancing digitisation and building resilience. Since the pandemic, businesses from across different sectors can look to automation to build resilience and drive continuity, and in turn push forward a new, technology-focused future of work that will drastically change the UK's workforce and economy.

Geospatial data

The UK’s geospatial data ecosystem has a remarkable opportunity to become a world leader and bring over £11 billion to the UK’s economy in the next five years. However, this will only be achieved if the UK can successfully drive forward a world-leading geospatial ecosystem. Getting this right will not only increase research into the opportunities of geospatial data, but enhance the development and commercialisation of cutting-edge, innovative geospatial data products, services and technologies.

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Quantum computing is easier to access than you think

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