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Smart Infrastructure and Systems

Our Smart Infrastructure and Systems Programme is the champion for smart infrastructure deployment and governance in the UK, and the economic and societal benefits that smart technologies can deliver. We focus on the innovative application of emerging technologies to traditional forms of infrastructure (such as mobility, energy, water, and the connected home), bringing expert communities together to consider how to reduce costs, increase efficiency and resilience, and deliver better performance.

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Digital Twins Working Group

techUK’s DTWG is a transdisciplinary, cross-market engagement group that plays a pivotal role in enabling the UK’s digital twin ecosystem to flourish, and serves as a critical source of advice for decision-makers responsible for the delivery of policy, regulation, and investment in the sphere. The DTWG also convenes industry leaders around the risks and benefits of deploying extensible, interoperable and scalable digital twins across multiple layers of the UK economy and society.

Smart Cities Working Group

techUK's Smart Cities Working Group is a transdisciplinary, cross-market engagement group that serves to identify, optimise and activate human-centred, inclusive and resilient smart tech adoption across the UK. The group focuses on enhancing strategic relationships between smart tech suppliers and the public sector, building citizen trust in smart city tech, developing UK leadership in smart tech trade, and on the realisation of city-level climate and cyber resilience.

Smart Energy and Utilities Group

The Smart Energy and Utilities Programme provides a strong platform of technological solutions in support of delivering a competitive, dynamic, and flexible market. The aim of the programme is to provide leadership in emerging technologies and innovation benefits with a focus on decarbonisation, affordability, accessibility and reliability.

Intelligent Mobility and Transport Group

The Intelligent Mobility and Transport's Group aim is to deliver a digitally-enabled, interoperable, integrated and inclusive transport network that connects people and services with multiple modes of mobility. This programme's focus is to improve regulatory environment of the wider mobility services ecosystem by working together with Government and engaging with industry around priorities and key challenges.

2021 achievements and 2022 objectives

Explore our Smart Infrastructure and Services programme's achievements and objectives here.


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Mobilise - Transforming Transport Through Tech | 29 March | Free for techUK members

Mobilise is techUK’s flagship future of transport and mobility conference. This year, it will bring together public and private sector leaders to discuss how we can deliver long-term multi-stakeholder projects that harness the power of technology within transport.

This conference is for public sector leaders in transport and infrastructure using technology to improve services, including infrastructure managers, local authorities and government departments. The event is also especially relevant to technology suppliers with products, services and solutions in transport, as well as mobility operators and logistics companies.