22 Nov 2021

techUK position paper: UK Competitiveness in Autonomous Vehicle Technology

The UK has an opportunity to set out a clear path towards Autonomous Vehicle deployment, says techUK


Press release: London, 22 November 2021: Technology trade association techUK is today publishing a new position paper on the opportunities available to the UK to design autonomous vehicles (AV) regulation in a way that delivers societal and economic benefits.

The benefits of adopting autonomous vehicles that operate entirely without human drivers include the following:

●            Improved road safety – 85% of collisions on UK roads are caused by human error    

●            Improved mobility

●            Optimised transportation of goods    

●            Improved resilience for road transport that addresses driver shortages

●            Greater technological innovation and investment in the UK

‘UK Competitiveness in Autonomous Vehicles Technology’, commissioned by techUK’s Intelligent Mobility and Transport Group, calls for the UK Government to set out its vision for commercial AV deployment on public roads as well as creating a flexible, forward-looking framework that will allow driverless mobility to have a meaningful, positive impact on people’s lives.

The UK has opted for a slower and more cautious policy development process in AV when compared with some EU member states and the US. Germany and France, for instance, have already created national rules for fully driverless technology to operate on public roads.

This path will provide an opportunity for the Government to learn lessons from other regulators as it seeks to determine and implement its own legislative and regulatory framework. However, if the UK wishes to keep pace with the EU and US, an urgency is nonetheless required to remain at the technical vanguard.

Consistent with the Government’s vision for Global Britain, the paper concludes that government should set out a clear timeline for deployment and work towards the completion of a legal and regulatory framework to meet it in consultation with the AV community. The framework should put security, flexibility, and an ambition to build public confidence in this technology at its core.

Matthew Evans, Director of Markets, techUK said:

“Establishing a progressive legal framework for the AV market in the UK is the first step towards a safe and equitable transport future. Built on the ideals of fair and open competition, the UK AV market could mature into a world-leading example that adjacent regions will aim to emulate.

 “techUK has a proud history of championing exciting and innovative new tech. Autonomous vehicle technology is one of the most important trends to come out of transport in years, with the potential to change the sector for good”.



Notes to Editors

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The full report can be downloaded here.

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Teodora Kaneva

Teodora Kaneva

Head of Smart Infrastructure and Systems, techUK

Teodora’s rich background varies from working in business development for a renewable energy lobbying association in Brussels to the fast moving technology innovation startup scene in the UK.

She has designed the market strategy for a German renewable energy engineering scale up for the UK, listed on Nasdaq private market, and now one of the fastest growing scale ups in the world. Previous experience also includes managing a renewable energy startup in London, which has built a small-scale biomass CHP power plant. Teodora is passionate about cross-industry collaboration and working together with academia to inform the design of future educational models and skill building.

Most recently Teodora has ran the commercial activities and business development at Future Cities Catapult, focusing on innovation in cities, digital health and wellbeing, mobility, and infrastructure. Teodora is a passionate STEM Ambassador and a vocal advocate for women in tech.

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Margherita Certo

Margherita Certo

Head of Press and Media, techUK

Margherita is the Head of Press and Media at techUK, working across all communications and marketing activities and acting as the point of contact for media enquiries.

Margherita works closely with the staff at techUK to communicate the issues that matter most to our members with the media.

Prior to joining techUK, Margherita worked in public relations across technology, public affairs, and charity, designing evidence-based strategic campaigns and building meaningful ties with key stakeholders.

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