Tales from the road to making the UK a science and tech superpower

In July 2020 the UK Government set out an R&D roadmap that aims to help the UK become a science and innovation superpower. To help meet that ambition techUK has been discussing with our members how we get there and what our priorities should be.

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Putting the D’s back into UK R&D - Why we mustn’t forget the other D

The ambition of the UK Government R&D Roadmap, released in July last year, is to make the UK a global leader in science and technology. This is an ambition that techUK supports and the UK tech sector is fully behind. However, how do we make this happen?

Why innovative regulation is a must for UK tech

Developing strong principles that support innovative regulation, will not just be good for UK tech, but also increase consumer welfare by allowing British consumers access to and the confidence to use the latest digital services.