techUK launches media partnership agreement with Policing Insight and PolicingTV

techUK is excited to announce a formal partnership agreement with Policing Insight and Policing TV.

Through the new media partnership, techUK will work with Policing TV and Policing Insight to share the work of members through thought leadership, insight, educational and informational pieces. With a far-reaching policing audience, this partnership will provide techUK members with a fantastic opportunity to engage the wider policing community and highlight the impactful work being driven across the police tech space.  

Policing Insight is the leading platform to keep up with the latest in progressive policing. It serves as a hub where the global police and criminal justice community both consume and share knowledge, opinions and analysis.   

PolicingTV is a video channel dedicated to the big issues in policing featuring discussion by key policing figures via interviews and panels.  

Media Partnership agreement  
Under the partnership agreement, Policing TV and Policing Insight commit to publish content covering techUK’s initiatives, publishing educational content and conducting interviews with members to share their thoughts and to highlight the impact of techUK’s work in the policing space.  

Members have the option to engage with techUK for collaborative opportunities, while also having the option to independently publish their own content. Members will have the opportunity to provide and/or create content for policing TV and Policing Insight channels and benefit from a 10% discount rate. When communicating with Policing TV or Policing Insight representatives, please highlight you are a member of techUK. 

Additionally, techUK members will be able to benefit from a one-month free corporate subscription to Policing Insight for their organisation (subject to terms). 

Upcoming opportunities 

Members will be able to use the discount rate (10%) to be involved in a series of global webinars about AI in Policing and Justice, titled “Reaping the benefits, mitigating the risks” – the series of webinars will bring together the law enforcement community and the wider criminal justice system, leaders, technologists, academics and suppliers to consider the opportunities and risks posed by AI.  

For more information on how to get involved and techUK discount rate, see below:

AI sponsorship - Information.pdf


For more information on how to get involved or benefit from the techUK discount, please get in touch with [email protected] 

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