Sustainability is fast becoming a priority for every sector in the UK economy. A combination of public pressure, business resilience and regulation are leading businesses to consider how they can improve their ESG credentials. This comes with many challenges which technology strives to address, but these challenges are compounded when the complexity of international trade relations are factored in.  

Countries across the world are all at different stages on their sustainability journey and all have competing domestic priorities which they have to contend with. We believe that the deployment of digital technology can improve the adoption of sustainable trade practices across the world. Policy can also be designed to scale the trade in clean tech globally, helping to decarbonise other sectors like energy and agriculture.  

This event will look at international trade in the tech sector through the lens of sustainability. The day’s agenda will include:  

  • Free Trade Agreements and the role of sustainable trade chapters for sustainability  

  • Increasing the trade of clean tech between the UK and Non-EU countries 

  • Digital transparency for sustainable trade and supply chain digitalisation.  

We will hear from academics, NGOs, the business community, and Government on the current trends in these three areas and discuss implications and opportunities for the tech economy in the UK.  


13:30 – 14:30 

5 mins intros 

40 min panel 

10 min Q&A 

Panel: International Trade and The Sustainability Agenda

  • Review the role of Sustainable Trade Chapters in driving sustainability in new and existing FTAs. 

  • Sustainability challenges when establishing new FTAs: Countries with poor ESG credentials, supply chain risks inc. forced labour and environmental harms. 

  • Lessons learned in promoting sustainable trade: Tech supply chains/leveraging FTAs 

Chair: Emily Reid (University of Southampton)

George Riddell (EY)

Ana Nishnianidze (Austrade)

Chris Southworth (ICC)




Short Break 


14:45 – 15:15 

Presentations: Tech against exploitation in the DRC

Toby Fenton (Trilateral Research)

15:15 – 16:15 

5 mins intros 

40 min panel 

10 min Q&A 

Panel: The Role of Tech in Trade Sustainability  

  • Digital Transparency in supply chains 

  • Tackling exploitation in country (Voice Recognition Tech) 

  • Trade “wins” for clean tech  

  • How can clean tech be targeted in new FTAs 

Joshua Rayer (Ecologi)

Carl Kirchhoff (

Patrice Bendon (Dun & Bradstreet)



Close & Networking 



For more information please contact:

Lucas Banach

Lucas Banach

Programme Assistant, Data Centres, Climate, Environment and Sustainability, Market Access, techUK


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