Organisations must understand the methods for quantifying and mitigating their carbon emissions. Increased scrutiny from customers, suppliers and investors demands more comprehensive details regarding the environmental impact of collaborating businesses, spurred by new regulations mandating such disclosure. 

Our annual Tech Led Decarbonisation Showcase is designed to highlight cutting-edge digital technologies that help organisations achieve substantial emissions reductions. 

The event will feature presentations allowing tech firms 10 minutes to pitch their innovative solutions for organisations committed to incorporating technology into their net-zero strategies. 

Following the presentations, there will be a Q&A session and a networking lunch to discuss shared challenges and potential collaboration. 

We invite SMEs from across the tech sector seeking to embark on the journey to net zero. 

Agenda and running order TBC.  

techUK - Committed to Climate Action

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By 2030, digital technology can cut global emissions by 15%. Cloud computing, 5G, AI and IoT have the potential to support dramatic reductions in carbon emissions in sectors such as transport, agriculture, and manufacturing. techUK is working to foster the right policy framework and leadership so we can all play our part. For more information on how techUK can support you, please visit our Climate Action Hub and click ‘contact us’.

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Climate, Environment and Sustainability

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Weronika Dorociak

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Craig Melson

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