17 June 2021 10am – 11.15am Workshop Online

In this session we will explore the major opportunity for enterprise 5G networks deployed in campus environments focusing on healthcare and explore the role of the public sector (central and local government, and healthcare agencies like the NHS) in driving deployment and adoption of private networks.  

Private networks for healthcare have the potential of delivering new value chains supporting high quality care through innovative means, such as decentralising care with advanced Telehealth communications and offering remote services to patients around the world, as well as fostering rural inclusion. 5G benefits on site can complement existing private network offerings, further enhancing digital healthcare, through the transfer of large data files and, remote monitoring with the gathering of real-time patient data via wearable tech and sensors. Private network infrastructure with enhanced security for hospitals could in turn create data centres on-site. A further benefit of using private wireless networks with licensed spectrum is the ease of deployment without significant disruption to buildings and wards due to their increased range.  

Challenges remain: advanced connectivity benefits are yet to be fully realised and deployed at scale (like remote or robotic surgery), plus— 5G infrastructure as a service in healthcare deployments would likely require stringent SLAs and performance KPIs, adding complexity to the liability of these private networks.  

Finally, the role of the public sector in the deployment of private networks for healthcare will need to be addressed as well as cross-departmental coordination within government. 


  • Rosemary Kay, Project Director, Liverpool 5G Create - Connecting Health and Social Care
  • Ann Williams, Commissioning Manager of Adult Social Care Services, Liverpool City Council
  • Areeb Bhaila, Manager, Strategy& | Part of the PwC Network

Attendance is for techUK members only. For more information on this project, please contact Sophie James

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Jo O'Riordan

Jo O'Riordan

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Sophie James

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Julia Ofori-Addo

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