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The Industries of the Future series explores how emerging and enabling technologies are transforming key industries around the world, assessing the challenges and opportunities for UK businesses, and considering what more we can do to accelerate digital transformation so that innovation is applied to the real economy in ways that change lives.

This free webinar will explore the gaming industry of tomorrow and ask what steps businesses can take to lead in the development, commercialisation, application and adoption of the key emerging technologies that will underpin it.


Gaming has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. In just a few decades, games have evolved almost beyond recognition, going from having 8-bit graphics and two colours to hyper realistic and immersive online worlds, increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence (AI) and gamers themselves whilst being simultaneously occupied by millions of people across the globe.

When combined with effective strategy, the right skills and sufficient funding, these gaming technologies provide an unparalleled entertainment experience.

This is reflected in the statistics, with studies indicating that revenues generated by the UK's gaming industry are more than three times greater than the music industry and almost four times greater than the film industry. Today, almost a third of the world has registered with a gaming platform.

Whilst the UK has been a pioneer in the global gaming industry, currently holding the title of the world's third largest producer of video game series behind Japan and the United States, its success in the decades to come will be dependent upon its ability to develop and commercialise a relatively small number of emerging technologies. These are likely to include AI, AR & VR (augmented and virtual reality), cloud computing, semiconductors, blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things), and drones.

techUK is uniquely positioned to convene the UK's technology industry, UK government, academic institutions, and broader stakeholders to ask what these technologies will be, which to prioritise, and what more the UK should be doing to encourage their development and commercialisation.

This is your chance to join us as we help UK industry to begin preparing for the gaming industry of tomorrow.

Registration is free via the 'Book now' button.

🕹️ This is just one of techUK's upcoming events on emerging and transformative gaming technologies. Stay tuned or contact [email protected] for more information regarding how to get involved.

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