Following the initial kick-off meeting, techUK and the CSA Catapult will host a series of ‘deep dive’ roundtables to explore in more detail key topics related to network energy efficiency.

Roundtable 2 will examine 'New Architectures' and will be co-chaired by Satellite Applications Catapult.


  • Ian Hawkins, Principal - Network Technology Research at BT Group 
  • Dan Warren, Director, Advanced Network Research, 5G/6G Research, Samsung Research, Samsung Electronics 

We anticipate the following topics will be discussed, along with others identified at the kick-off meeting: 

  • Self-powering infrastructure: focus on the use of renewable-energy generation at masts and other sites 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and energy reduction: the use of software in order to manage network energy needs.   

  • Photonics and optical communications: More energy efficient photonics are cited as important in previous discussions  

  • Semiconductors, materials, and manufacture: This would focus on how compound semiconductors and efficiencies in the manufacture of physical infrastructure can increase energy efficiency.  

  • RAN, RF and microwave communications: How the RAN itself, not just its components, power source or network management, can become more efficient – we will also explore the potential of open and disaggregated networks in reducing energy consumption.  

  • Energy efficient cooling: Exploring new and innovative cooling methods that aid a reduction in energy use in high-demand/high-resilience environments, such as data centres.  

  • Metamaterials and intelligent reflected surfaces: the role of passive and active surfaces for beam forming and directional tracking to improve network efficiency. 


During the deep dive roundtables, we will invite attendees to discuss UK capabilities, market potential and priorities for future investment. The roundtables will be held under Chatham House Rule. 

Session chairs:  


Energy Efficient Networks Roundtable Series

techUK, in proud partnership with the CSA Catapult, is hosting five roundtable on energy efficiency and innovation in the UK’s telecoms networks. Visit the roundtable series hub to find out more.

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Sophie James

Sophie James

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Manuel R. Marti

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Julia Ofori-Addo

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Archie Breare

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