08 Mar 2022
by Adam Young

Opportunity: techUK wants to hear members views on the circular economy.

techUK is looking to conduct member discussions on the circular economy.

techUK is conducting research into its membership’s views on the circular economy, particularly what is driving the interest in the subject. We would like to conduct 1-to-1 interviews with members to discuss their activities in this space and how they see the future of circularity. This will help inform techUK’s position on the subject when it comes to consultations and the planning of events.  

The circular economy is a systemic approach to economic development, designed to benefit business, society, and the environment. Legislative moves to pursue the realisation of a circular economy usually fall into the category of Extended Producer Responsibility, where producers of goods must manage the end of life of their products, usually through collective payment to a third-party Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO).  

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In the UK, one example is the WEEE Regulation restricting the amount of waste and electronic equipment sent to landfill or incinerators. Eco-design is another legislative method for encouraging recyclability and sustainability in energy-related products. Modulated fees for different categories of waste is proposed to address the heterogeneity of environmental performance between and within products and their materials.  

Regulations such as this encourage the reuse and recycling of products and material, reducing the need for additional emissions in new production. A report from the Aldergate Group (2021) asserts that a circular economic framework could deliver 80% of the emissions cuts required for the next carbon budget (2028-2032).  

If you are interested in participating in this research and getting your views heard, please email [email protected] for more information or to set up a call.  


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Adam Young