28 Sep 2022

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Every week techUK recognises one of our SME members in order to demonstrate their accomplishments. We want our members and stakeholders to get to know and connect with our valuable network of 500+ SME members.  

Each SME Member of the Week is profiled in our ‘SME Connect’ monthly newsletter, promoted on our LinkedIn and Twitter social media channels, and listed on our SME Connect page (below).  

Each SME Member of the Week will also be invited to convert their case study into a blog which we'll share with our broader membership and stakeholders. The blog is your chance to give your insight on a relevant and timely topic. Within the blog you are free to add brief information about your company and your recent successes.  

Every month, we’ll focus on a particular theme and select SMEs who are making particular impact on that topic.

For September's SME Member of the Week, with the launch of the transport and smart cities SME forum,  we’ll be focusing on transport and smart cities. We'll be looking to showcase SMEs whose innovation is helping revolutionalise transportation or who are driving the development of smart city technology.

If you are interested in being featured as an SME Member of the Week, please fill out and submit this form today.

Ed Bevan

Head of SME Engagement, techUK

Ed is Head of SME Engagement and is responsible for shaping techUK’s proposition to our SMEs across the country, ensuring our policy work, market access activity and services benefit the SME community.

Prior to working at techUK, Ed worked in the at the Department for International Trade, engaging with a variety of businesses, particularly SMEs, to understand the benefits of Free Trade Agreements and act as case studies in press and social media. Ed has also worked in policy and public affairs within the voluntary sector, namely the Alzheimer’s Society and the Men’s Health Forum.

Ed holds a MA in International Relations from Leiden University, and in his spare time enjoys spending time with his son, travelling, and visiting historical sites.

[email protected]

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