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techUK's Local Public Services Programme provides the forum for local public services to engage with industry to better understand the innovations out there, horizon-scan how the technologies of today and tomorrow can re-imagine local public services and solve some of the most pressing challenges our communities and places face. It also helps connect suppliers with each other, identify new business partnerships to help grow an ever thriving local government ecosystem.

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Local Public Services Group

The Local Public Services Group is made up of tech companies of all sizes, from challenger new entrants, start-ups to FTSE 100 companies working with local public services to transform local public service outcomes. It’s a thriving community of over 400 members. If you are active or looking to break into the local government market this is the group for you. It provides members with the latest trends and opportunities in this growing market.

Local Public Service Committee

The Local Public Service Committee brings together senior tech industry leaders from both large and small businesses to provides leadership on critical policy issues related to local public services transformation and help improve engagement with stakeholders. It acts as a sounding board for techUK's local public services activity as well as help steer the direction of the programme.

Social Care Working Group

The Social Care Working Group brings together members of the Local Public Services and Health and Social Care Programmes and others from across this ecosystem to interrogate the challenges the social care market faces and collaborate on how digital technologies can transform outcomes in social care – everything from interoperability to empowering the social care workforce.

Digital Devolution Working Group

The Digital Devolution Working Group provides techUK with advice on the development of the Digital Devolution report and helps to ensure techUK is engaging in areas important to the city regions and local public services. The group informs techUK work to ensure we ask the right questions on the impact of digital devolution, sharpening analysis and engaging in the most important issues for the future of local public services, smart cities/places and growing the regional digital economy.

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