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Welcome to Cloud Week 2023!

Cloud Week (20-24 Nov) brings you news, views and insights on how cloud computing continues to reshape how we live and work. This is an opportunity for the techUK community to explore key issues in cloud and highlight new ideas and thought leadership from our members.

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Member Insights
Expand the tabs below to access the latest insights and thought leadership from techUK members at the cutting edge of cloud computing:

Monday - Digital transformation and cloud native technologies

techUK members explore the challenges and opportunities of cloud modernisation, how organisations can accelerate their journey towards a fully cloud native experience, and how to leverage cloud services to drive digital transformation across the economy.


Tuesday - Cloud, Climate and Sustainability

techUK members highlight the benefits of cloud computing for sustainability and explore best practice for organisations looking to minimise their impact on the environment.


Wednesday - Hybrid cloud and edge computing

techUK members explore the challenges and opportunities of hybrid cloud and edge computing and how organisations are harnessing hybrid solutions to accelerate digital transformation and unlock the value of data.


Thursday - Cybersecurity and resilience from the edge to the cloud  

techUK members explore the challenges and opportunities of cloud for cybersecurity, data protection, service resilience and business contuinity. 


Friday - Interoperability, portability and a multi-cloud world

techUK members explore the challenges and opportunities of multi-cloud solutions and how barriers to interoperability and data and application portability can be mitigated. 


Cloud computing and the path to a more sustainable future

This techUK insights paper highlights the commitment of our members to a sustainable approach to cloud computing and sets out six core best practice principles for a greener future for the tech sector.

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techUK talks with… Shaheen Sayed, CEO - UK, Ireland & Africa, Accenture

techUK talks with...  Shaheen Sayed, Accenture.gif

For the fourth instalment of our popular techUK CEO Talks, we are delighted to be joined by Shaheen Sayed from Accenture to discuss her journey to CEO of one of the UK's largest businesses, and how technology can build a better future for the UK’s economy, people, society, and the planet.