Continuing techUK’s Cloud Week 2023, and building on our Cloud Climate Champions series, this event will explore how cloud computing can empower UK businesses in the fight against climate change.

Moving operations to the cloud means taking advantage of the higher utilisation rates of on-demand infrastructure, more efficient cooling and newer hardware optimised by cloud providers, and the potential for more sustainable, flexible, and resilient supply chains. However, businesses need to consider carefully how they are managing their consumption of cloud and optimising workloads and data storage to maximise sustainability.

This session will highlight the benefits of cloud computing for sustainability and explore best practice for organisations looking to minimise their impact on the environment. techUK will also publish an insights paper alongside the event - techUK Cloud Insights: Cloud computing and the path to a more sustainable future - showcasing thought leadership from techUK members.

Join us to discuss the potential of cloud computing in enabling a more sustainable net-zero future by registering for this event.

The panel will include:

  • Klairi Liis - Director, Sustainable Cloud Technologies - PwC
  • Luke Sharma - Senior Data Consultant - The Oakland Group 
  • Joe McGrath - Cloud Economist - Kainos
  • Andrew Quinn - Digital Advisor, Sustainable Value Transformation - Fujitsu

Additional speakers will be announced in due course.

techUK - Committed to Climate Action

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By 2030, digital technology can cut global emissions by 15%. Cloud computing, 5G, AI and IoT have the potential to support dramatic reductions in carbon emissions in sectors such as transport, agriculture, and manufacturing. techUK is working to foster the right policy framework and leadership so we can all play our part. For more information on how techUK can support you, please visit our Climate Action Hub and click ‘contact us’.

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