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Data Strategies Series

techUK's Data Strategies Series explores the tools and strategies businesses are using to unlock the value of data and deliver better products and services to customers.

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Session 1 - Being data driven

What’s new in data technologies and how are data strategies evolving in 2022?

This year has shown that unlocking the power and value of data and being data driven is key to organisations across both the public and private sectors. Organisations are increasingly looking to data, and data driven technologies, to help them make informed business decisions that help them remain relevant to their customers and communities. This opening session will explore the latest developments in data driven technologies and discuss how these tools and solutions can support businesses this year and beyond. 

Session 2 - What is Value Stream Management and why does it matter? 

Value Stream Management as a tool for helping organisations to reach the full potential of their investment in data strategies

Business leaders are increasingly looking to invest more in the development and adoption of data tools and software to help them reach their goals. Solutions are being adopted across organisations to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and to help leaders make informed data-driven business decisions.  However, a key question for organisations is how to ensure the data strategy and tools selected will deliver the desired value to the business, employees and be successful in both the short and long term.
Session 3 - Best practice data strategies for cloud computing

Move beyond migration - Unlocking the value of your data in the Cloud

For many organisations, unlocking the full value of data is often the missing piece of cloud transformation. This session explored best practice for data strategies in cloud computing and how businesses are moving beyond ‘lift and shift’ to become truly cloud native.

Data Policy

techUK's work brings together policy, public affairs, government relations and privacy professionals interested in influencing or understanding the data protection landscape impacting the industry.

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