02 Nov 2022

Event round-up: Being data driven in 2022 | Data Strategies Series

On 4 October 2022, techUK kicked-off its new Data Strategies Series with a webinar bringing together industry leaders to explore the tools and strategies businesses are using to unlock the value of data and deliver better products and services to customers.

The panel included:

  • Yauheniya Tyler, Founder & CEO, Uptitude
  • Fabio Ardossi, Partner, Reply
  • Shaun McGirr, RVP of AI Strategy - EMEA, Dataiku
  • Carlos Gutierrez, Director for ADM Solutions - EMEA, Micro Focus
  • Sue Daley, Director for Tech & Innovation, techUK (Chair)

You can watch the full webinar here, or read our summary of the key insights below:

Please note that the below is a summary of the event, and readers are encouraged to watch the webinar to understand the full details of the discussion.

Sue opened the session with a conversation about how data strategies and data technologies are evolving and what organisations need to consider to be data driven in 2022.

The panel agreed that many organisations are undergoing a transition from crisis response during the pandemic to thinking more about their long-term data strategies and how they can integrate and scale the right solutions.

Yauheniya cautioned against top-down digital transformation and argued that organisations should empower those who collect and work with data at all levels across the business.

“Don’t implement AI just for the sake of implementing AI - that is a top-down approach, and you will waste time and find you don’t have the data, the structure, or the people - data strategies should start with your core business outcomes.” - Fabio Ardossi, Reply

The conversation moved to the skills shortage across the industry and ways to apply both technical “hard skills” capabilities and more creative or business focused skills.

Breaking down barriers

The discussion moved to the issue of data silos and the difference between companies born before the internet or after the internet.

Shaun pointed out that many digital native companies have a head start, but they can still face the same data silos and barriers to implementing analytics tools if they have lots of digitised data that is still low quality and poorly managed.

Carlos argued that the proliferation of data ‘solutions’ available across the industry can be a challenge for customers if they lack a strategic approach and a holistic view of how teams within their business are implementing different solutions.

The panel agreed that a successful data strategy must be built on connecting tech solutions to the broader business value.

Data Strategies Series

This series explores the tools and strategies businesses are using to unlock the value of data

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Katherine Holden

Katherine Holden

Associate Director, Data Analytics, AI and Digital ID, techUK

Sue Daley

Sue Daley

Director, Technology and Innovation