14 Mar 2023

Event round-up: Move beyond migration - Unlocking the value of your data in the Cloud | techUK Data Strategies Series

On 24 Jan 2023, techUK continued its Data Strategies Series with a webinar exploring best practice for data strategies in cloud computing and how businesses are moving beyond ‘lift and shift’ to become truly cloud native.

The panel included:

  • Carolyn Prior, UK&I Practice Leader Apps, Data & AI, Kyndryl UK
  • Leigh Carpenter, Solutions Engineering Manager for Public Sector, NetApp UK
  • David Price, Account Director, Rackspace Technology
  • Shaun Cooney, Strategic Advisor - Technology & Innovation, Splunk
  • Chris Hazell, Programme Manager for Cloud, Tech and Innovation, techUK (Chair)

You can watch the full webinar here, or read our summary of the key insights below:

Please note that the below is a summary of the event, and readers are encouraged to watch the webinar to understand the full details of the discussion.

The panel opened with a discussion of how managing data in the cloud differs from legacy infrastructure, the challenges that organisations can experience in transitioning to cloud, and the skills and culture needed to effectively manage data in the cloud.

Understanding what you are trying to achieve for the business and how data and cloud native tools can help you get there should be your initial question – start with asking why you are moving data to the cloud and how people and process can help you unlock additional value.

The discussion moved on to how a successful cloud data strategy can be achieved by looking at the individual business processes that create and use the data and thinking carefully about what to migrate to cloud, how, and when. The panel agreed that a rushed “lift and shift” will result in a costly replication of data silos and not deliver a strategy aligned to the broader objectives of the business.

Optimising applications and processes for the cloud environment and harnessing capabilities like automation was another key theme explored in this session. The panel agreed that having visibility of your data, breaking down silos, cleaning up your data and optimising for cost were key considerations for a successful cloud data strategy. The conversation concluded with a discussion of sustainability and cost optimisation.

“Data is everywhere … but it’s everywhere in silos, so how do you get the most from it?” – David Price, Rackspace Technology 

Katherine Holden

Katherine Holden

Associate Director, Data Analytics, AI and Digital ID, techUK

Tess Buckley

Tess Buckley

Programme Manager - Digital Ethics and AI Safety, techUK

Sue Daley

Sue Daley

Director, Technology and Innovation