17 Aug 2023

UK Space Agency's 'Explore' accelerator seeking applicants

The programme aims to develop a thriving ecosystem of high-growth space entrepreneurs in every corner of the UK.

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The UK Space Agency is seeking applications for its recently re-launched Explore accelerator programme.

Explore is designed to support entrepreneurs making their first steps into the commercial space industry and transforming their innovative ideas into successful and sustainable space ventures.

Through a 9-week accelerator sprint, the programme aims to give participants a burst of pace in a short space of time.

Working with a panel of experts and a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs, participants will lay the foundations for building a high-growth, scalable space business.

Such skills will be essential if entrepreneurs and wider industry are to seize the opportunities of the UK's growing New Space market.

You can learn more about how the UK's emerging space tech sector may look in the future by attending techUK's free Industries of the Future: Space webinar, taking place on 20 September from 2-3pm.

Core components

The programme includes: 

  • Access to new cutting-edge business growth tools to prioritise your focus areas. 

  • 1:1 support from entrepreneurial growth experts and technical commercialisation gurus. 

  • A 5-week action sprint to help you learn and make progress on a daily basis. 

  • Regular drop-ins and group sessions to tackle key challenges. 

  • A 90-day planning process to ensure you leave with a clear path and the right network to support you on the next stage of your journey. 

Do you know an inventor with a desire to commit to building a scalable business, or an entrepreneur working in another industry such as aerospace, law, quantum technology, farming, environmental engineering, or healthcare who can see the potential for their idea in space?

In that case, Explore could be the perfect match.

How to apply

Limited spots are available on the programme, so entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply at the earliest convenience.

To apply for the Explore programme, you must:  

  • Be an early stage business – anywhere from idea stage through to proof of concept

  • Be either in the space sector, in another sector using space technology, or exploring how you can enter the space sector 

  • Have a desire to start a growth business/social enterprise, not a lifestyle business or research project

  • Be, as the entrepreneurial leader, based in the UK

You may have some early revenue of customer engagement, however this is not a requirement.

Applications close on the August 25.

You can learn more and apply by clicking here.

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