31 Oct 2022

techUK Digital Trade in #techUKDigitalTrade Campaign Week

Through blogs and case studies, techUK members, academics and policy-makers are showcasing what is digital trade and why it matters #techUKDigitalTrade


From financial services to telecommunications, all areas of digital tech infrastructure are shaped by digital trade. As such, each Day of the Campaign Week covers vital topics within the continually changing policy environment of digital trade. 

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Theme 1 - What is digital trade and why it matters


Theme 2 - International Data Flows


Theme 3 - International Regulatory Cooperation


Theme 4 - Paperless Trading


The Electronic Trade Documents Bill paves the way for paperless trade


Theme 5 - The future of digital trade beyond FTAs


You can also watch techUK's CEO discuss the importance of digital trade policy here. 

Julian David, techUK's CEO Discusses Digital Trade

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To go alongside #techUKDigitalTrade Campaign Week, members can also get involved within the Department for International Trade's 'International Trade Week', occurring between 31 October - 4 November. 

Department for International Trade's International Trade Week 2022

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International Data Transfers Summit - 30 November 2022, 9am – 3.30pm

techUK’s first ever International Data Transfers Summit will offer industry, government, regulators, and other stakeholders in tech policy the opportunity to engage on the most important questions surrounding different approaches to governing cross-border data flows around the globe as well as international cooperation in promoting the free flow of data with trust

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techUK's Trade Working Group discusses, debates and actions the issues raised within this Campaign Week, get involved below. 

Trade Working Group

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The techUK Trade Working Group provides strategic direction for all techUK activities related to international trade.


Sabina Ciofu

Sabina Ciofu

Associate Director – International, techUK