07 Nov 2022

SME Member of the Week: Through Technology

Through Technology is a carbon negative tech firm who promote the power of the Cloud in reaching net zero. They are this week's SME Member of the Week.

Through Technology is the second of November's SME Member of the Week. This month, techUK are focused on sustainability to tie in with COP27. We'll be showcasing SMEs who have made an impact on the transition to net zero, either through developing technology to combat the climate crisis or showcasing what they've done to reduce their own carbon emissions.

Through Technology specialise in helping customers through one of the biggest challenges of digital transformation: managing the move to cloud infrastructure. We are focused on the quality of our resources and offer a genuine alternative or complement to large Systems Integrators and Advisory Services.

How did your company start?

We started Through Technology following years working for larger suppliers on infrastructure and cloud projects, then working for government on solution leadership and assurance. We founded the business with the view that a small cloud-native firm could focus its resources on the best people and deliver a better service to our customers, either through assurance of larger suppliers, or by leveraging cloud technology with a small but truly expert team.

How does your company contribute to this month's theme?

Through Technology is carbon negative.

It's a running joke that we were hybrid working 'before it was cool'.  This gives us a naturally low carbon footprint, with no manufacturing, vehicles or office premises. 

On top of that we have policies to minimise our emissions from work and travel. We calculate our residual carbon footprint annually, and seek further opportunities to cut emissions and offset double the amount of carbon we create through reputable tree planting schemes in the UK (currently with carbonfootprint.com, another UK SME). 

Our processes mean we remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than we create. It also ensures that our positive impact is scalable, that it grows with our business and that we can actively support our customers' in achieving their own net zero targets. We are pleased to be certified to the Carbon Neutral Plus standard, for companies that offset 150% or more of their emissions (although for us the figure is 200%). 

Sustainability and climate change is something we truly care about, and with the above measures we believe we have a good process in place. 

Who's behind your company?

Through Technology was founded in 2017 by Peter Hanney and John Waddington, both former lead solution architects. We started the business with a vision based upon leveraging cloud for efficiency, open and clear communication, and focusing on people and relationships as the true drivers of successful projects and programmes. 'People deliver projects' is something of a mantra for us and we focus our business on ensuring we have the best people and good relationships with everyone we work with. 

As our business grows, we have worked hard as founders to move from intent-based leadership, with our founders working directly with teams and clients, to embedding it in our processes and making it repeatable and scalable, so that we don't lose sight of our reasons for starting the business. 

What’s your perspective on the present and the future of this month's theme?

With the upheaval in the UK economy, it is easy to view sustainability initiatives as an optional cost to your business, whereas they can be a driver of efficiency and cost savings, particularly with energy prices on the increase. 

We work with our public sector customers on managing and reducing the 'technical debt' of their old, outdated and sometimes unsupported business applications and hosting infrastructure. This not only delivers financial savings, but also environmental improvements where older power-hungry systems can be decommissioned and replaced or replatformed in public cloud hosting services with improved power and cooling efficiency. These financial gains are often overlooked compared to the bigger financial costs and security risks in retaining older systems. 

By supporting the UK public sector in digital transformation and managing technical debt, Through Technology and other techUK members can help the UK achieve its net zero targets as well as working on our own individual efficiency. 

Recent Success

Through Technology were recently awarded a contract to deliver strategic archiving and records management for HM Courts and Tribunals Service.

What does the future look like for your company?

We aim to continue our growth supporting the UK public sector in digital and technology projects, scaling both our business and our sustainability approach accordingly.

Asks for other members

We are always interested to discuss opportunities to team up with other organisations delivering digital transformation in the public sector.  Our core expertise lies in solution, security and delivery assurance, cloud infrastructure, migrations and data management. 

More information

LinkedIn: @Through Technology Limited
Twitter: @through_tech
Website: https://www.throughtechnology.uk 

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