11 Nov 2022
by Antony King

How can we best support job seekers? A Scottish success story (Guest blog by Capita)

Guest blog by Antony King, Managing Director and Client Partner for Capita Health and Welfare

To follow-on from the publication of our 2022 Local Digital Capital Index report, a tool designed to aid discussions and decisions in strengthening local tech ecosystems across the UK, we asked the techUK community to provide case studies to celebrate the contributions made by the tech sector to drive forward levelling up, digital adoption, develop digital skills, connect people, and harness R&D in the UK’s nations and regions.

For Capita, the transformation and digital services business, its purpose is clear…to create better citizen outcomes.  The Capita teams across the UK come to work each day to make a genuine difference not only to its clients but also to those who access the services we deliver.

Partnering with the Department for Work and Pensions

In January 2021, Capita launched a new employability programme in Scotland, to find and place newly unemployed people into jobs as part of DWP’s Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS) programme. JETS specifically looks to place participants in sectors that haven’t been impacted as severely as others by the pandemic, and where employment is more buoyant.

JETS – a shared purpose

JETS was established to help people who have been out of work and claiming either Universal Credit or New Style Jobseeker’s Allowance for 13 weeks or more. It aims to place job seekers not just into work, but into suitable roles based on their transferable skillsets and career ambitions. It provides them with a personal advisor and helps with CV preparation and interview support.

Since launching in 2021, the JETS programme has successfully helped more than 9,000 individuals to find employment with Scottish businesses across a range of sectors.

JETS – A business point of view

From an individual’s point of view the JETS programme has had a huge impact but what about the businesses that have used the programme, has it delivered?

The award-winning contract cleaning and facilities management company, Spectrum Service Solutions has seen first-hand the impact of the JETS programme.  For Ryan Sutherland and Natalie Scott (Spectrum HR Team), the JETS programme has had a transformational effect.

"Before, we were just going down the traditional route of recruitment", explains Sutherland, referring to posting a job listing and waiting for the CVs to come in. "We found that wasn't working for us anymore. So, we decided to take a more proactive approach and that’s where JETS came in."

The JETS process is much more personal than relying on a faceless CV. Initially, candidates attended an online "speed dating" session with the hiring managers from Spectrum. This meant they could present themselves over a five-minute conversation, showing their interest in the role, regardless of their experience or employment history.

Sutherland instantly saw the benefits of this approach. "We knew the JETS team, in this case, The Lennox Partnership had worked with and supported the candidates up to this point, so we were confident that we were being sent individuals that met our requirements.”

Spectrum’s recruitment journey

For the team at Spectrum, the JETS candidates prove that it isn’t just about the end goal of getting a job, but the journey of developing CVs and interview skills and helping people regain their confidence.

"You can see the difference with an applicant from JETS" confirms Natalie Scott. "They are eager. They're keen. They're good to go, and they want to better themselves.”

Scott continues, “100% of the JETS applicants we've hired have come into the business and excelled." Thanks to the JETS programme, Spectrum now looks at recruitment through a different lens and the way they recruit has changed for the better.

The JETS programme has positively impacted businesses across Scotland. With over 9,000 people placed across multiple sectors, JETS in Scotland has been a successful project and one that DWP and all of the employment partners can be very proud of.


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Antony King

Managing Director and Client Partner, Capita Health and Welfare