Local government tech market is a growing one.

No one supplier holds the solution for local government. It takes an ecosystem.

The local government market represents a growing one for the tech industry. However, entering the market for new entrants and SMEs can be difficult. Everything from procurement processes to risk aversion with working with new suppliers.

One route for success for SMEs and new entrants is partnerships. In this briefing we will outline how suppliers can partner for success. Hear directly from SME and larger tech companies practical tips and advice on making partnerships meaningful and successful for them and their local government partners. Councils will also share what they value from suppliers and what a good partnership looks like.

Before the panel begings we will hear from Cameron Major at Oxygen Insights what the state of the local government tech market looks like - everything from spend to trends.

Confirmed speakers to date include:

  • Ben Unsworth, Director, Service Transformation, Essex County Council
  • Suraj Kika, CEO & Founder, Jadu
  • Lizzie Barton, Assistant Director - Customer, Resident and Business Services, Lichfield District Council
  • Sue Holloway, Business Development Director, NEC Software Solutions
  • Cameron Major, Sales Director, Oxygen Insights
  • Georgina Maratheftis, Associate Director, Local Public Services, techUK

The panel briefing will be from 14:00 – 15:30 with refreshments and networking to follow. From 15:45 – 17:00 will be the speed networking session part of the event. Followed by pizza and refreshments to continue the networking.

Speed networking event

After the panel suppliers have the opportunity to join techUK’s speed networking event to identify new business partners. It is an opportunity for SMEs to speak to companies currently providing services to local government, and for large companies to expand the network of SMEs they work with to deliver services in this market. Places are limited so we advise you to register as soon as possible for the speed networking session,

This event will allow members, large and small, to foster new partnerships and collaborate to solve common challenges. Smart partnering is a successful route for many suppliers, and we want to provide our members with the opportunity to connect with established players and disruptors in the market.

This event is open to techUK members and local government.

Georgina Maratheftis

Georgina Maratheftis

Associate Director, Local Public Services, techUK

Ileana Lupsa

Ileana Lupsa

Programme Manager, Local Public Services and Nations and Regions, techUK

Tracy Modha

Team Assistant - Markets, techUK

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Social Care Working Group

The Working Group acts a neutral forum for knowledge exchange across the supplier base and for public sector stakeholders to engage with the market. While identifying common challenges and solutions and offering the opportunity to leverage synergies to partner as often an ecosystem approach is needed to solve a problem.

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