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Digital Innovation in the Life Sciences Industry

techUK has launched a Digital Life Sciences workstream, bringing together members actively working in drug discovery, digital therapeutics, data and AI, or those interested in moving into this space. As the Life Sciences sector looks to introduce digital health technologies into its portfolio, techUK are shaping the conversation.

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With a dedicated workstream to represent the industry, we are now working closely with the Office for Life Science, NHS Research Innovation and Life Sciences team, MHRA, and other key bodies.

We will be working with a small committee of members, the Life Sciences Forum, to identify how the technology industry can facilitate and deliver the Life Sciences Vision, setting out the role of digital health and care in achieving the ambition to set the UK apart as a world leader in life sciences and deliver life-changing innovations to patients, as well as helping decision-makers understand current and emerging technology solutions and their implementation. 

Life Sciences Forum

techUK's Life Sciences Forum brings together industry leaders from across digital health, pharma, digital therapeutics, software, and AI & analytics to discuss and sculpt the future of the UK's digital life sciences industry. 

Representatives include Palantir, EMIS Health, Adobe, Bayer, Roche Diangostics, Infosys, Akrivia Health, ORCHA, and Big Health.

To find out more, email [email protected]

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techUK holds briefing with the Office for Life Sciences

Digital Innovation in the Life Sciences Industry


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Leontina Postelnicu

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Alex Lawrence

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Rory Daniels

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